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Jobstown not guilty verdicts a defeat for the Irish capitalist establishment

Cillian Gillespie - Socialist Party Ireland  “The news has just come through from the Central Criminal Court and I am the first to report it to the House. Deputy Paul Murphy, not guilty; Councillor Michael Murphy, not guilty; Councillor Kieran ...

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Ireland: Water charges suspended as protest movement and mass boycott forces major retreat by the establishment parties

Katia Hancke, Socialist Party (CWI Ireland), Dublin “What parliament does, the people on the streets can undo”. Mick Barry TD (member of the Irish parliament, the Dáil) accurately described the key reason for the embarrassing climb down forced on the ...

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Irish establishment criminalises protest: Defend the Jobstown 27

27 anti-water charges protestors have been summonsed to appear in court by the police in Dublin regarding the Jobstown protest in November 2014 (when the deputy Prime Minister and Labour leader was blocked in her car by locals angry over the ...

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Europe’s euro-crisis and prospects for class struggle

Kevin Parslow, Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales) The recent events in Greece provided the backdrop to the discussion on Europe at the 2015 Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) School. Over 300 people from 22 countries attended the CWI ...

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Protest against plans for mass arrests of anti-water charges activists in Ireland

Following the dawn arrests of 4 anti-water tax activists – including Paul Murphy TD (Irish MP) and Anti-Austerity Alliance councillors, Kieran Mahon and Mick Murphy – yesterday in Dublin, new arrests have been made this morning. We publish a statement ...

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Ireland: Stunning by election victory for Socialist Party and AAA in Dublin

Eddie McCabe, Socialist Party (CWI Ireland) 11 October 2014 will be a day that’s remembered for years to come in Ireland. An estimated 100,000 marched in Dublin against the hated water charges. And on the same day, Paul Murphy, Socialist ...

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