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Brexit: Reject the bosses’ EU – Fight for a socialist Europe

What should socialists say about Brexit? Should we back continued membership of the single market and even a possible second referendum? In this feature, Matt Dobson makes the case for a complete rejection of the bosses’ EU and argues instead ...

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Why a socialist approach to the EU is the only way forward

By Hannah Sell, Socialist Party England and Wales As the general election draws nearer, and people become more aware of what Jeremy Corbyn stands for, the gap between Tories and Labour in the opinion polls has started to close. Jeremy ...

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EU referendum: Vote No to the bosses’ EU and defeat the Tories

Editorial statement from the Socialist Party England and Wales   The referendum on 23 June is not just about the EU but is also an opportunity to pass verdict on Cameron and his rotten government. An ‘out’ vote would strike ...

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EU referendum: No to the bosses’ EU, Yes to a socialist Europe

Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party England and Wales General Secretary There has been no honeymoon period for the Tory government. No electoral cavalry is poised to ride over the hill to save working class people from the Tory onslaught. Workers and ...

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Greece: Conflict between SYRIZA government and EU escalates

Statement by the Editorial Board of Xekinima (CWI Greece)  Syriza’s first days in government have brought back, at last, smiles, optimism and pride to millions of workers in Greece. The new government’s public commitments and the first steps for the ...

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No to the bosses’ EU – Yes to an independent socialist alternative

Hannah Sell, Socialist Party England and Wales deputy general secretary The question of a referendum over Britain’s membership of the European Union (EU) is problematic for all the mainstream capitalist parties. In this parliament Tory Prime Minister David Cameron has ...

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