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Labour’s “no cuts” budgets fail to offer a fighting alternative to austerity

Matt Dobson reports North Ayrshire Labour-run council has claimed it has implemented a “no cuts budget” for 2017/18. Council leader Joe Cullinane was quoted in the Morning Star: “I have proposed the most radical, anti-austerity budget seen in North Ayrshire for ...

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Scotland 2017: A year of turmoil and rising working class anger against capitalism

The following document dealing with perspectives for Scotland for 2017 was discussed, debated and agreed at the Socialist Party Scotland conference that took place on February 11th 2017. The document covers issues including the prospects for an indyref 2, the SNP’s ...

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Anti-austerity surge propels Corbyn to a second victory over the Blairites

Statement from Socialist Party Scotland  Socialist Party Scotland welcomes Jeremy Corbyn’s emphatic victory in the Labour leadership contest. The defeat of Owen Smith, although not unexpected, is a significant blow to the capitalist establishment in Britain and their own “Blairite ...

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#KeepCorbyn: No compromise with the Labour right

From an Editorial in the Socialist newspaper (England and Wales) with additional points on Scotland included The next few months will decide the fate of the Labour Party. Although he claims to be “as radical as Jeremy”, the leadership challenger Owen ...

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Scotland’s post-referendum political earthquake will not be its last

By Philip Stott and first printed in the Socialism Today magazine The political landscape in Scotland has undergone seismic changes since the independence referendum of September 2014. The stunning collapse of the Labour Party has been one of the most ...

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Will the SNP deliver on their “anti-austerity” promises?

Philip Stott – Socialist Party Scotland  The SNP looks set to win the majority of Scottish seats in the general election. It would then be a key player in any coalition horse-trading. With its eyes firmly on that prize, it ...

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Scottish Labour in crisis – Build a working class anti-cuts alternative


Philip Stott  The Labour Party in Scotland has been thrown into a deep crisis following the resignation of its Scottish leader, Johann Lamont. It was not so much her resignation but “the manner of her leaving” that rocked an already ...

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