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What the Labour left must do to create a real anti-austerity party in Scotland

Philip Stott reports The left have won the leadership of the Scottish Labour Party for the first time with Richard Leonard’s victory over the Blairite candidate Anas Sarwar. Socialist Party Scotland welcomes this result, which can potentially open up the possibility ...

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Why has the Scottish Government refused to recognise an independent Catalonia?

By Matt Dobson There have been large protests in Scotland in solidarity with the movement in Catalonia, particularly among youth and workers involved in the YES campaign in 2014. Many are enraged by the repressive clampdown of the Spanish state ...

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The working-class case against the EU

From Socialism Today, the monthly magazine of the Socialist Party England and Wales The latest book by Yanis Varoufakis exposes the role of the EU in destroying Greece’s economy and tearing apart its social fabric by imposing savage austerity. Yet, ...

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EU referendum: No to the bosses’ EU, Yes to a socialist Europe

Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party England and Wales General Secretary There has been no honeymoon period for the Tory government. No electoral cavalry is poised to ride over the hill to save working class people from the Tory onslaught. Workers and ...

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