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Scottish Labour: on the road to recovery? A review of Socialism and Hope

The pro-business, pro-war policies of the last 20 years decimated Labour Party support in Scotland. Then it signed up to the establishment’s project fear in the independence referendum. By 2015 it had only one MP in Westminster. Now, with support ...

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Striking college lecturers raging at Swinney’s attacks

By Matt Dobson The SNP-led Scottish government has sided with College Scotland’s cuts program and anti-trade union agenda by trying to pressure the EIS FELA college lecturers trade union to call off the planned escalation of its national strike. The ...

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Hundreds attend Jeremy Corbyn rallies in Scotland

Jeremy Corbyn visited Scotland last week as part of his leadership election campaign. Two well attended rallies took place in Glasgow and Dundee, in addition to a hustings debate between Corbyn and Owen Smith. Reports from Socialist Party Scotland members. ...

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Demands for inquiry into police spying in Scotland

Harvey Duke reports (This article appears in the new issue of the Socialist - the paper of Socialist Party Scotland) This article was written just before further revelations were reported by the BBC and the Guardian on January 18 2016, that an ...

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Murphy’s election means trade unions must build a new workers party

Philip Stott Jim Murphy’s election as Labour’s new Scottish leader has underlined the need for the affiliated trade unions to break from Labour and help build a new party to represent working class people. Murphy, who has a long history ...

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Scottish Labour in crisis – Build a working class anti-cuts alternative


Philip Stott  The Labour Party in Scotland has been thrown into a deep crisis following the resignation of its Scottish leader, Johann Lamont. It was not so much her resignation but “the manner of her leaving” that rocked an already ...

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