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Scottish budget: SNP’s sorry capitulation to austerity continues

Philip Stott reports The Scottish Government’s draft budget for 2017/18, which was unveiled on Thursday, was yet another sorry chapter in the SNP’s capitulation to Tory austerity. Finance secretary Derek MacKay claimed that the budget would deliver “£240 million extra ...

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Liverpool: When a socialist council refused to implement the cuts

One of the leaders of the 1980’s Liverpool council struggle, Tony Mulhearn, will be speaking in Glasgow on Thursday at a public meeting on how to combat the austerity onslaught. (see below for details) From 1983 to 1987 Liverpool City ...

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An open letter to members of the SNP: No more cuts – Let’s build a mass movement to defeat austerity


Socialist Party Scotland  1.6 million of us voted Yes in defiance of everything Project Fear could throw at us. We showed that we could stand up to the political establishment, the bosses, the bankers and the billionaire-owned media. From Dundee ...

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Tony Benn: steadfast in speaking out for socialism

By Peter Taaffe, general secretary Socialist Party England and Wales In one week, the labour movement has suffered two big blows with the deaths of trade union left leader Bob Crow and now of Tony Benn. Bob Crow’s death came ...

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30 year anniversary of election of Liverpool socialist council


By Dave Walsh, Unite Convener for Liverpool City Council, from The Socialist, paper of the Socialist Party. Posted 6th May 2013

Almost 500 people attended an exhibition and tumultuous public meeting at the Adelphi hotel in Liverpool on Saturday 27 April to mark the 30th anniversary of the socialist Labour council.That council confronted Thatcher’s Tory government and defied its cuts and austerity. The meeting marvellously recreated the mood and fighting spirit of the 1980s in Liverpool. Loud applause and enthusiasm greeted every platform speaker and contribution from the floor.

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Liverpool 1983-87: The Council That Took On Thatcher


"We Translated Socialism Into The Language Of Jobs, Housing And Services" 

The savage cuts announced by the ConDem government will have a devastating effect on the lives of millions of people across Scotland.  The building of a mass opposition to these cuts is essential if we are to defeat them.  Below is an article about the mass movement in Liverpool in the 1980s led by the forerunners of the Socialist Party, The Militant, which defeated Thatcher's cuts and won a famous victory against cuts and privatisation. The lessons of this struggle has importance relevance for us today.  Below is reprinted article commemorating the 20th anniversary of this extraordinary movement. 

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25 years on – Liverpool a city that dared to fight


On 9 July 1984 Liverpool City council, led by Militant (the Socialist Party's predecessor), won a sensational victory over the ruthless Tory government of Margaret Thatcher. They secured extra funding for the council's urban regeneration programme. The principled stand by the 47 Liverpool Labour councillors, allied to a mass movement of the city's workers and wider working class, stands in stark contrast to today's sleazy and spineless Labour leaders.

Tony Mulhearn, one of the Liverpool councillors subsequently victimised by the state and witch-hunted by the Labour Party leadership, explains the successful struggle 25 years ago.

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