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After Brexit: SNP hesitate on indyref 2

Matt Dobson reports The 62% to 38% vote for Scotland to remain in the EU led to First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon to immediately declare that another independence referendum was “on the table”. While a second independence referendum ...

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Marxist perspectives for Scotland: Mass struggle and socialism will challenge capitalist austerity

This statement was written by the Executive Committee of Socialist Party Scotland for the party conference which took place in late November 2015.  Following discussion, amendment and voting, the document was agreed by the conference. The statement was written before ...

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Scotland and the Jeremy Corbyn campaign

Editorial taken from the current issue of the Socialist - the paper of Socialist Party Scotland Jeremy Corbyn’s challenge to lead the UK Labour Party has electrified and inspired tens of thousands of people seeking an alternative to austerity. As ...

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Why Tommy is wrong to call for a vote for the SNP in May

Philip Stott Socialist Party Scotland EC  Leading socialist Tommy Sheridan has released a video and made various public statements urging those who voted Yes in the independence referendum in September 2014 to “lend” their vote to the SNP for the 2015 ...

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