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Why has the Scottish Government refused to recognise an independent Catalonia?

By Matt Dobson There have been large protests in Scotland in solidarity with the movement in Catalonia, particularly among youth and workers involved in the YES campaign in 2014. Many are enraged by the repressive clampdown of the Spanish state ...

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Where is Scotland going? – Fight for socialist change

By Philip Stott  The dramatic rise of the Scottish National Party (SNP) has been thrown into a sharp reverse recently. The partial collapse in the electoral support for the SNP at the June 2017 general election – a loss of ...

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Indyref 2: SNP fire the starting gun but offer no solutions to austerity

By Philip Stott  The Scottish parliament will vote next week in favour of triggering a second independence referendum. With a pro-independence majority in the parliament among MSPs the vote is a formality. The exact timing of the referendum is not ...

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Scotland: One year after the electoral uprising against austerity

Philip Stott One year ago today, the Scottish independence referendum delivered what Socialist Party Scotland described as an “electoral uprising against austerity and the political establishment.” 1.6 million, overwhelmingly working-class, people voted Yes on September 18 2014 in the teeth ...

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An open letter to members of the SNP: No more cuts – Let’s build a mass movement to defeat austerity


Socialist Party Scotland  1.6 million of us voted Yes in defiance of everything Project Fear could throw at us. We showed that we could stand up to the political establishment, the bosses, the bankers and the billionaire-owned media. From Dundee ...

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Socialist Party Scotland – What We Stand For


Socialist Party Scotland is a campaigning socialist, Marxist and internationalist organisation that fights for the interests of the working class and young people. We have branches of the party across Scotland.
We stand for socialist change both hear and internationally – ...

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Socialist policies are needed to answer Project Fear

 Editorial from the latest issue of the Socialist September 18 will see an unprecedented mobilisation to the polls for the referendum on Scottish independence. An estimated 75-80% of the 4.1 million people entitled to vote are likely to take part. ...

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Capitalist Project Fear failing as support for independence rises

By Philip Stott There is growing fear, horror would not be too strong a word, among the capitalist establishment in Britain at the possibility of a majority Yes vote on 18 September in the Scottish independence referendum. The editorials and ...

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