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Europe in crisis, revolutionary winds in Catalonia

We publish below a draft document on the situation in Europe which will be discussed, amended and voted on at a meeting of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) International Executive Committee. Socialist Party Scotland is affiliated to the CWI.  ...

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Catalonia: Spanish state repression as independence referendum approaches

Statement from Esquerra Revolucionària (Revolutionary Left) On the 11th September one million people spilled onto the streets of Barcelona shouting loud and clear their intention to vote during the 1st October referendum, making it clear that they were not going ...

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SNP launch independence “conversation” while defending big business interests

By Philip Stott  The Scottish National Party (SNP) have launched a “new conversation” on independence, two months after the Brexit vote that in the words of Nicola Sturgeon “put a second referendum on the table”. Scotland’s first minister unveiled the ...

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After Brexit: SNP hesitate on indyref 2

Matt Dobson reports The 62% to 38% vote for Scotland to remain in the EU led to First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon to immediately declare that another independence referendum was “on the table”. While a second independence referendum ...

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Catalonia: Pro-independence parties win “plebiscite” elections

  Danny Byrne, CWI Catalan elections on 27 September revealed a society virtually split down the middle on the question of independence from the Spanish state. These elections were billed as a de facto “plebiscite” on Catalan independence by Catalan ...

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Thousands mobilise to oppose Project Terror in Scotland

By Matt Dobson  Project Terror – the unprecedented campaign of fear against Scottish independence by big business, the media and the capitalist political establishment – has produced a fight back. Ordinary working class people are increasingly taking the campaign for a ...

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Scotland after the European elections

By Philip Stott Ukip won it’s first elected representative in Scotland at last week’s European election. Ironically, and somewhat farcically, their successful candidate gave his official address as living in London. Without a councillor, MP, or MSP the national surge ...

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Trade unions and the socialist case for independence


John McInally National vice-president of the Public and Commercial Services Union (in a personal capacity) argues that socialists, particularly those active in the trade union movement, should campaign for a Yes vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum but on the ...

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10 questions on socialism and the independence referendum

Thursday 18th September is referendum day in Scotland. Discussions are taking place in workplaces, colleges, schools and communities all across the country. The run-up to September will be dominated by debate on how to vote and what might an independent ...

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Can the Common Weal deliver or do we need clear socialist policies


By Philip Stott. Posted 7th September 2013

The run-up to the Scottish independence referendum in 2014 has seen the emergence of a debate about the possibility of creating a "new" Scotland. One that rejects the huge inequality and savage austerity that is blighting the lives of millions. The Common Weal Project (CWP) www.scottishcommonweal.org has been launched by the Jimmy Reid Foundation which argues for a "programme for a different sort of social and economic development for Scotland." In this article Socalist Party Scotland outlines some of the differences we have with the CWP and argues for clear socialist policies.

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