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Building the resistance to Trump’s agenda

Mass protests have greeted Trump’s ascendency to the position of president of the US. His popularity ratings are the lowest of any US president in history. More importantly, millions are already mobilising to defeat his reactionary agenda. In this article, US ...

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We need mass resistance to Trump and a new party of the 99%

By Philip Locker and Tom Crean of Socialist Alternative People in the US and around the world awoke today to one of the most shocking political upsets in living memory with the election of Donald Trump as president. It was ...

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Build the resistance against Trump

By US Socialist Alternative   No Deportations! Black Lives Matter! Defend Worker’s and Women’s Rights! The victory of Donald Trump is being met with shock, fear, and anger. Especially for immigrants, muslims, people of color, women, and other oppressed people ...

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US: After Bernie, keep the political revolution going

  Kshama Sawant, Socialist Alternative (CWI in the USA) Since the June 7 California primary, the historic upheaval that coalesced around Bernie Sanders’ campaign has continued to defy the demands of the political establishment, but has also increasingly turned into ...

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US elections: Sanders campaign at a crossroads

  socialistalternative.org, US Bernie’s political revolution will be strangled if it remains imprisoned within the corporate-controlled Democratic Party. Sanders needs to run all the way through November and lay the groundwork for a new party of the 99%. In the ...

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The Bernie Sanders campaign and the Left: What is the role of socialists?

By Bryan Koulouris - Socialist Alternative Bernie Sanders’ campaign has excited millions and brought a discussion about socialism into the mainstream of U.S. society. In addition to getting record donations from working-class people, Sanders has unprecedented support among youth. This ...

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