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From Jarrow to London: youth march for jobs


By Matt Dobson posted 5th October 2011

The Jarrow to London youth march for jobs has begun. 50 young people from across Britain including three long term unemployed Scots are part of the recreation of the 1936 march from Jarrow to London organised by the Youth Fight for Jobs campaign. Jamie Cocozza from Glasgow, Matt Dobson from Dundee and Luke Ivory from Brora are joining the march as it progresses to London.

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March for jobs Jarrow to London

Jarrow march blog

Wednesday 20th July 2011

Youth Fight for Jobs (YFJ), a campaigning organisation, is marching from Jarrow to London, starting on 1 October 2011. This is on the 75th anniversary of the Jarrow Crusade, when 200 unemployed workers took a similar route to raise awareness of mass unemployment.

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March for jobs and fight for a future


Article written By Wayne Scott - posted 17th May 2011

It’s that time of year again when a fresh batch of school leavers will be thrown head first into the world of unemployment. t will make little difference how many qualifications we have, or how hard we’ve worked at school, almost all of us will be in the same boat.

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School students strike against cuts in Dundee


Wayne Scott and Eoin Lesslie on behalf of Students Defending Dundee Schools 3rd April 2011

150 school students walked out of Harris Academy in Dundee on April 1 and marched on Dundee City Council. The walkout was organised and co-ordinated by Students Defending Dundee Schools (SDDS),  a citywide school student led campaign group set up to oppose the councils £4 million cuts to school budgets and proposals to merge Advanced Higher classes into a “City Campus”. 

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Dundee Youth protest demands No Cuts to education


By Matt Dobson and Alice Harrold - March 2nd 2011

On Monday 28 February young people marched from local schools and colleges to Dundee City Chambers to protest against education cuts as the councils education committee met. They joined trade unionists, parents opposing the closure of a local nursery and students from Dundee University in the city square. The protest swelling to nearly one hundred was so loud it nearly drowned out the councillors debating inside.

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Youth uprising against fees and cuts


An uprising has occurred of school, college and university students, fighting for their futures. The trigger has been the trebling of tuition fees, but the anger is wider - against the removal of the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA), the massive cuts proposed in education, and the robbing of a decent future from an entire generation.

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Youth and student protests in Dundee


Written by Matt Dobson 24th November 2010

Dundee students, from the universities, local colleges and schools took part in protests across the city on November 24 as part of the national walk outs and protests. Activists from Youth Fight for Jobs and Education, Socialist Students and Socialist Party Scotland helped by mobilising support and giving direction to the action.

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We won’t be the lost generation


Written by Matt Dobson and posted on 6th September 2010 

The bosses and their politicians intend to create a lost generation of young people that will pay for the economic crisis by being CON DEMned to joblessness, losing the right to a decent education and exploited as cheap slave labour. Young people have no option but to get active and fight for a future.

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Our education is under attack


By Ryan Stuart Glasgow Metropolitan student 2nd Sept 2010

The problems facing students are only going to get worse. New Labour started the cuts and the Con-Dem butchers, aided by the SNP government in Scotland, will carry it on with their vicious attacks on education.

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Youth unemployment scandal condemned


Where is the bailout for our young people ?

Jim McFarlane the Dundee West Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (STUSC) candidate and a member of the International Socialists today described as a “disgrace” the soaring levels of youth unemployment in Scotland.

On the day first day of the STUC conference in Dundee, figures have been produced that show a massive 89% increase in youth unemployment in Scotland among 18 to 24 years olds in just the last two years.    

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