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No to junk jobs – Fight for £10 an hour – Come to the protests on Saturday

By Claire-Laker Mansfield, Youth Fight for Jobs #fastfoodrights #M29 “People are often surprised by the employee benefits on offer. All of our team earn at least the national minimum wage”. So proudly boasts the UK website for multi-billion pound fast ...

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Supersize our pay – Fight for a living wage and trade union rights

By a Glasgow fast food worker and Usdaw rep Retail workers are on low wages and insecure part- time contracts, with bosses prioritising the ‘needs of the business’ over our welfare. Stores are judged on profits that they make. What this ...

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Youth Fight for Jobs protests over zero hour contracts


Posted 6th August 2013

In Scotland, Youth Fight for Jobs supporters organised a protest outside Sports Direct on Argyle Street in Glasgow on Saturday. Matt Dobson said from the protest, "we got a fantastic response from shoppers and staff who came out to sign our petition against zero-hour contracts. Many young workers passing by from other shops also took our leaflets to hand out to their workmates. Sports Direct managers put plenty of security on the store entrance after they heard Youth Fight for Jobs in London had entered the store and refused to let us speak to staff. Retail workers of all ages were interested in joining a trade union and we gave out USDAW and Unite trade union material. We will be following this up with action in Dundee on August 10th and Paisley and Edinburgh later in the month."

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Scottish Youth March for Jobs begins


Posted 16th October 2012

Fight their system - Demand our future. Young trade unionists, unemployed, students and school pupils will be marching from Stirling to Glasgow from 17th – 19th October. The March for Jobs and Public Services has been organised by Youth Fight for Jobs Scotland and the PCS Young Members Network.

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Why I’m marching for jobs and a future


Youth Fight for Jobs Scotland together with the PCS Young Members Network is organising a March for Jobs and Public Services against Austerity. The march will begin at Stirling Castle on Wednesday 17th October and end by joining the mass demonstration called by the Scottish Trade Union Congress (STUC) on Saturday 20th October in Glasgow. We interviewed Ryan, a young private sector worker who has experienced exploitative flexible work contacts and regular unemployment. Ryan is based in Glasgow and is the Chief Steward on the March.

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Join the Scottish youth march for jobs


By Youth Fight For Jobs 27th August 2012

Over 100,000 16 – 24 year olds in Scotland are out of work. Colleges, schools and universities are being savaged by cuts. Thousands of young people are being exploited by big business through workfare schemes. The lack of affordable housing is condemning a generation, to living with their parents, renting from slum landlords, facing poverty and homelessness.

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Youth demand a future at Tories sham unemployment summit


Matt Dobson and Wayne Scott. Posted 16th March 2012

Dundee Youth Fight for Jobs disrupted Scottish Secretary of State Michael Moore’s National Summit on Youth Unemployment, with a large protest at Dundee College’s Gardyne campus that included local trade unionists, anti cuts campaigners and unemployed activists on March 15.

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For real jobs – not workfare


By Paul Callanan, Youth Fight for Jobs. Posted 24th Feb 2012

As unemployment rises the vultures are circling. Among the biggest is Tesco. But they met huge opposition when they advertised a full-time, permanent position for which you would receive a meagre dole payment plus expenses - all part of the Con-Dems' slave labour Work Programme. We've already bailed out the banks to the tune of billions. Now massive corporations are being subsidised by the state to take on unpaid workers. The government gets to pretend to be helping unemployed people 'get experience' and big business gets work done on the mega-cheap.

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Jarrow march ends – but the struggle goes on


6th November 2011

Thousands of young people, trade unionists and other supporters joined the Jarrow marchers in London on the final leg of their long march from Jarrow. In a display of determination, enthusiasm and solidarity, the Jarrow marchers led the way from the Embankment to Trafalgar Square, where a lively rally was held to mark the end of this 2011 march, a re-enactment of the original Jarrow to London march against unemployment 75 years ago.

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