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Build working class unity – reject sectarian division


Articles by Ryan Stuart and Graeme McIver - posted 19th May 2011

Ever since Neil Lennon came to Scotland to play for his boyhood team he has received torrents of abuse. No doubt for a section of bigots, being from Northern Ireland, a Catholic and a Celtic fan is enough to mark him out for this treatment.

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Only a mass movement of workers and youth can liberate Libya

Article by Robert Bechert, Committee for a Workers’ International www.socialistworld.net

The UN Security Council’s majority decision to impose a “no-fly zone”, while greeted with joy on the streets of Benghazi and Tobruk, was in no way intended to defend the Libyan revolution. The air strikes’ mounting civilian toll is leading to growing questioning of these attacks that is leading to pressure on governments, like South Africa, that originally supported, or abstained on, the UN decision, to distance themselves from what is taking place.

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Japan: Earthquake leaves devastation and nuclear threat


From reporters in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, from chinaworker.info 15th March 2011

The massive earthquake that struck north-eastern Japan on Friday 11 March and ensuing destruction caused by one of the most powerful tsunamis ever witnessed was the “worst crisis since 1945” according to Prime Minister, Naoto Kan. Capitalist governments always try to exploit for their own political reasons the spontaneous mood for unity in the face of disaster.

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Ireland: Fianna Fail collapse and socialists elected


By Kevin McLoughlin, Socialist Party (CWI Ireland), Dublin 2nd March 2011

The general election in Ireland was historic but not for the reasons being stressed by the would-be new government partners of Fine Gael and Labour. It is that true both parties achieved unprecedented successes at the polls but these are pyrrhic and temporary victories. The election results are also extremely significant because it marked the emergence of the United Left Alliance, which won five seats.

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Irish election: Support grows for Socialist Party


Socialist Party reporters, CWI Ireland 17th February 2011

The imminemt general election in the Irish Republic was called because the dominant coalition party - Fianna Fáil - collapsed out of office in utter disarray. 14 years of its rule in the interests of major developers and bankers has bankrupted Ireland, causing mass unemployment, drastic reductions in take home pay, and forcing tens of thousands of young people to emigrate.

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Egypt: The revolution must continue


Editorial from the Socialist - Paper of the Socialist Party (England and Wales) 15th February 2011

Mubarak is no more, relegated to "the dustbin of history". He was blown away by one of the greatest mass movements in history. The 18-day volcano was crowned by a colossal mobilisation of six million Egyptians on the streets. Mubarak was forced to flee.

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Egypt: Is revolution derailed?


 Written by Peter Taaffe 9th February 2011

"Lenin said of revolutions that they demonstrate two things. The first is that the people cannot go on being ruled in the old way. The second is that the rulers cannot go on ruling in the old way" (Guardian Editorial, 4 February 2011).

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Greek society paralysed by a week of strikes and general strike


Report from Andreas Payiatsos, Xekinima (CWI Greece), Athens. Posted 20th December 2010

Wednesday 15 December saw one of the biggest general strikes in Greece in recent years. Nothing moved in the country, apart from public transport in Athens to bring workers to the centre of the city to demonstrate against the third wave of austerity attacks agreed between the PASOK Greek government, the EU and the IMF.

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Joe Higgins MEP speaks out over EU/IMF cuts in Ireland


Posted on 24th November 2010   Joe Higgins, Socialist Party Ireland MEP, condemns the bondholders and financial speculators at a press conference in the European parliament following the €90 billion “bailout” of Ireland which will mean huge cuts in living ...

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Oppose the IMF/EU attacks on Ireland

images/stories/shirt off my back.jpg

Written by Kevin McLoughlin Socialist Party Ireland 23rd November 2010 

Sunday 21 November, the day the Irish government formally applied for a bailout to the EU and IMF, should be marked as the day that the Irish capitalist class were exposed as a rotten, despicable failure, bankrupt in every sense and incapable of offering any way forward. The significance of these developments cannot be overstated; they are a turning point in Irish history and will impact on other countries in Europe and the EU itself.

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