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Euro elections: a revolt against the capitalist establishment

Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party England and Wales general secretary The long-predicted ‘earthquake’ – the electoral “triumph” of the far right and their allies – took place in the European elections in some key countries. In Britain Ukip came first, pushing ...

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No to the bosses’ EU – Yes to an independent socialist alternative

Hannah Sell, Socialist Party England and Wales deputy general secretary The question of a referendum over Britain’s membership of the European Union (EU) is problematic for all the mainstream capitalist parties. In this parliament Tory Prime Minister David Cameron has ...

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Ukraine: Yanukovich deposed as pro-western regime takes power

Niall Mulholland, CWI The latest developments in the Ukraine saw the dramatic overthrow of President Viktor Yanukovich and his flight from Kiev. Mass discontent at grinding poverty and a corrupt, brutal regime finally erupted into a revolt in Kiev and ...

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Portugal: New explosion against austerity and the government


Posted 6th March 2013. From www.socialistworld.net

The 2nd March saw over 1.5 million people reclaim Portugal’s streets, in what even the media has speculated may have been the country’s biggest ever demonstrations. With 800,000 in Lisbon, 400,000 in Porto, and tens of thousands more in over 30 cities, nationwide, the masses poured onto the streets, under the slogan "Screw the Troika – the people are the best rulers". The marches gave an expression to the seething anger an ferment at the death spiral which the Troika’s puppet centre-right coalition government, led by Passos Coelho (conservative, PSD party), has imposed on the country through its vicious austerity policies.

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For a Southern European-wide general strike on 14 November


Committee for a Workers' International Statement.

Posted 6th November 2012

Towards an all-European general strike!

Down with the governments of the Troika!

Down with the Europe of the markets!

For a democratic socialist Europe of the working people!

Build solidarity protests and actions on November 14th

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“Ungovernable” Europe enters economic depression


Kevin Parslow, Socialist Party (CWI England and Wales) Posted 22nd June 2012

The most crucial discussion at the CWI School 2012, held last week in Belgium, with up to 400 participants, was on Europe. This was introduced by International Secretariat member Peter Taaffe (pictured) and there were a number of excellent contributions from the floor, as comrades grappled with real and immediate situations posed for socialists internationally. Kevin Parslow from the Socialist Party (CWI England and Wales) summarises the plenary session.

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Greece: majority vote against austerity


By Nicos Anastasiades, Xekinima (CWI Greece) 24th June 2012

The relief of the capitalist world leaders attending the G20 summit in Mexico didn’t last long. Within hours following the narrow general election victory of Greece’s pro-austerity New Democracy party, the rally of share prices on stock markets ended and Spain’s government bond yields exceeded a euro-busting 7%. The capitalist crisis can only inflict further pain and ruination for millions of Greek people and beyond. And as the article below on the Greek election concludes, only the fight for a socialist alternative can end this living nightmare.

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Greece heads for Euro exit


28th May 2012 Lynn Walsh, editor of Socialism Today, magazine of the Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales)

Ten governments have been overturned since 2008, with the rejection of austerity policies. There have been a continuous series of public-sector strikes, general strikes, protests and riots. Now, many eurozone leaders fear that the possible victory on 17 June of an anti-austerity, Syriza-led government in Greece could trigger the departure of Greece from the eurozone, with incalculable repercussions.

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Greece: New elections due as austerity coalition talks fail


17th May 2012 Nikos Anastasiades, Xekinima (CWI in Greece ) and Niall Mulholland, CWI

Following the 6 May election earthquake in Greece, which saw a hammering of the pro-austerity parties and a huge rejection of the ‘Troika’ (IMF, ECB and EU), the main parties failed to form a coalition government. Attempts by the Greek president to oversee a ‘national unity’ government or to form a “government of technocrats” also failed. Crucial new elections will be held no later than 17 June.

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