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Grangemouth tanker drivers show their industrial strength


By Luke Ivory. Posted 27th February 2013

BP tanker drivers from the Grangemouth oil refinery in Scotland last week came out on a 72-hour strike against cuts to pay and pensions. In a militant show of force, these workers in the union Unite are determined that they will not back down in their dispute with an obscenely rich company that regularly makes around £1 billion in profit a month. The attacks on pensions see some workers threatened with losses of up to £13,000 a year and most workers are also faced with current cuts of £1,400 a year to their pay.

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Pensions, workload and stress – Vote to strike in EIS ballot


By Jim Halfpenny, EIS member. Posted 1st February 2013 

The EIS, the biggest education union in Scotland,  is to ballot its members on the prospect of further industrial action should current negotiations with the Scottish Government on pensions fail to reach agreement. The teachers union had held back from industrial action, following the mass strike on N30 2011, after assurances from the Scottish Government about entering into meaningful discussions.

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Remploy workers strike strong and determined


Reports from Ray Gunnion and Diane Harvey 26th July 2012

There was another large turnout gathered on the Remploy picket line at Springburn, Glasgow on Thursday 26th July. Phil Brannan, shop steward at the plant for 32 years, told us he had been involved in talks with the DWP, Remploy and a representative of the Scottish Parliament. He said that the DWP are solely intent on reducing any future redundancy payments to the lowest level possible. Further talks will take place on August 2nd and, if there is no satisfactory outcome, a further strike will take place on the 6th August.

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Remploy workers strike to save jobs


By Socialist Party Scotland reporters. 19th July 2012

Remploy workers were out in impressive numbers at picket lines across Scotland today as part of UK-wide action against plans by the Con-Dem’s to shut 27 factories by the end of the year and make 1700 workers redundant. Socialist Party Scotland members were out giving support in Dundee, Glasgow and Lanarkshire this morning. For more reports from England and Wales see www.socialistparty.org.uk

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Construction workers win victory


Sean Robertson Unite member 30th June 2012

On the 26th and 27th June, around 40 Balfour Beatty foundation construction workers went on strike with the intention of making the company stick to earlier promises that workers could expect a four day weekend in return for working 17 consecutive 12 hour days. The vast majority of workers on the Northern section of the Beauly –Denny electricity transmission project are staying away from home, many having up to 10 hour commutes to their homes in England, Wales and Ireland and under the current arrangements they are given Friday to travel, but must travel back to work on Sunday, meaning that they only have one quality day in their homes with their family.

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Support Remploy Workers: Come to the Edinburgh protest


By Remploy's national trade union convenor, Les Woodward Posted March 20th 2012

Unemployment is rising. Benefits are being slashed. Among the latest to face the Con-Dems' axe are 1,700 disabled workers in skilled, productive jobs as 36 Remploy factories face closure. The announcement of the closure of 36 Remploy factories and the privatisation/closure of a further 18 in the near future has left Remploy workers bitter and angry.

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EIS members must vote Yes to strike on March 28th


By Jim Halfpenny EIS member. Posted 28th Feb 2012

Following the overwhelming strike action by public sector workers on 30 November over the Con/Dem Government’s attempt to rob us of our pensions, the EIS along with the NUT, UCU, PCS, NASUWT, SSTA, FBU and UNITE have refused to accept the so called “Heads of Agreement” offer which would have meant that we continue to PAY MORE, GET LESS and WORK LONGER.

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All out on 7th Dec to defend the JIB


Posted 5th December 2011 - includes video footage of Glasgow spraks protest

Protest at Balfour Beatty Head Office Wednesday 7th November Lumina Building, 40 Ainslie Road, Glasgow 8am

No one can argue now, the sparks in Balfour Beatty (BBES) have spoken for all electricians in the construction industry - they're prepared to strike to defend the JIB and stop pay cuts of 35%. This from a company that has an order book of £15 billion and had made nearly £100 million in profits in the last 6 months! Facing all the obstacles and complications that have given the employers such an advantage in the construction industry for years - low union membership, lack of shop stewards, agency labour, the blacklist etc.

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“We’ve had enough” Scotland shutdown by mass strike on N30


Posted 1st December 2011. Written by Socialist Party Scotland members. Updated on the 2nd and 4th December 2011

“Hardly a damp squib Mr Cameron, you pension snatcher.” Karen Grogan Unison steward Dundee. Scotland witnessed a massive outpouring of anger at the ConDem government as over 300,000 public sector workers took part in a magnificent strike against attacks on public sector pensions on N30.

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Why we’re striking on N30


27th November 2011

30 November will see up to three million public sector workers, representing 28 trade unions, taking part in the biggest strike for 85 years. Public sector workers are striking to stop the government’s attacks on their pension rights, which mean they will have to pay more for their pensions, work longer and then retire on lower pensions. However, the strike is also crucial to the fight against all the ConDem cuts. Public sector workers told the Socialist Party Scotland why they are striking on N30. 

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