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End the bosses lockout at Grangemouth


Posted 18th October 2013

Ineos are playing a game of Russian roulette with the Grangemouth plant and the jobs of more than 1,300 workers. By shutting down the plant for a week and threatening not to open it again unless they secure a no strike agreement and huge concessions from staff, Ineos are effectively implementing a lock-out. Should the bosses refuse to restart operations after Tuesday, urgent preparations must be made for the occupation of the plant. An appeal for trade unionists across Scotland for solidarity action in support of maintaining jobs and trade union rights at Grangemouth is neccessary.

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Workers action and nationalisation needed to save Grangemouth


Posted 16th October 2013

Grangemouth oil refinery and petrochemical plant has been shutdown by owners Ineos for at least a week. There are growing fears that Ineos and it’s billionaire chairman Jim Ratcliffe intend to shut the plant, unless they can get agreement on huge cuts to workers pay and conditions and tens of millions of pounds of public money.

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Unite ballot for strike over victimisation of Grangemouth shop steward


Posted 23rd September 2013

Unite is demanding that Jim Ratcliffe the majority owner of Ineos put an end to the "sinister" victimisation of Stevie Deans, the Unite senior shop steward at Grangemouth oil refinery in Scotland. Unite are currently balloting for strike action over this issue. Stevie was suspendend from the Labour Party as part of the Falkirk investigation which found Unite had done nothing wrong and had no case to answer. Management at Ineos are however using the scandalous actions of the Labour Party as a pretence to victimise Stevie. See also this article on Unite and the Labour Party http://www.socialistparty.org.uk/articles/17174

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Workers action in Glasgow wins important victory


By Philip Stott. Posted 18th September 2013

Three days of strike action by at least 80 Glasgow City Council Homelessness social workers has resulted in an important victory. The Unison member whose suspension by management on Friday sparked the walkout has been reinstated. Social Work management have also agreed to draw up new caseload management proposals within four weeks that Unison stewards will have an input in drafting.

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Workers threatened with dismissal as strike spreads


By Philip Stott. Posted 19th September 2013

The unofficial strike action by Glasgow City Council Homeless service workers has spread across the city today. All five Homelessness teams, more than 60 Unison members, refused to go into work in support of a member suspended on Friday in the Glasgow East office. This suspension by management relates to a longstanding grievance by staff at growing and unacceptable caseloads. Strikers told the Socialist today that the average caseload is more than 50 clients per worker.

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Glasgow City Council workers walkout

By Philip Stott. Posted 16th September 2013

Around 60 Glasgow City Council staff, Unison members employed as part of the Social Work Homeless Team, have agreed to walk out on unofficial action tomorrow in protest at the suspension of a Unison member on Friday and anger over caseloads. A member of the East Glasgow Homeless Team was suspended on Friday after refusing to undertake work that related to an existing Unison grievance over workloads and staffing levels.

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NSSN rally calls for mass action to stop the cuts


By Nick Chaffey. Posted 10th September 2013

The hundreds of trade union activists who attended the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) rally and lobby of the TUC on Sunday will have left certain that the boiling anger at the tsunami of austerity is pointing towards an autumn of important battles. Along with this is an ever-growing call for the TUC to name the date for a 24-hour general strike. (See video of the rally here)

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Youth Fight for Jobs protests over zero hour contracts


Posted 6th August 2013

In Scotland, Youth Fight for Jobs supporters organised a protest outside Sports Direct on Argyle Street in Glasgow on Saturday. Matt Dobson said from the protest, "we got a fantastic response from shoppers and staff who came out to sign our petition against zero-hour contracts. Many young workers passing by from other shops also took our leaflets to hand out to their workmates. Sports Direct managers put plenty of security on the store entrance after they heard Youth Fight for Jobs in London had entered the store and refused to let us speak to staff. Retail workers of all ages were interested in joining a trade union and we gave out USDAW and Unite trade union material. We will be following this up with action in Dundee on August 10th and Paisley and Edinburgh later in the month."

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Tanker drivers victory proves that strikes work


By Philip Stott. Posted 4th March 2013

Tanker drivers, members of the Unite trade union at Grangemouth Oil refeinery, have won a major victory over the BP multinational in a dispute over wages and pensions. Following a 72 hour strike (see here) and the threat of another 4 days of strike action, BP have agreed to the majority of the workers' demands. This important victory should be an inspiration to all workers facing attacks by their employers and the ConDem government. Strikes do indeed work.

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