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Glasgow Unison members strike against Labour council cuts


By Unison members. Posted 10th January 2014

UNISON members in Glasgow City Council’s residential homes for older people will be taking strike action from Monday night for 48 hours to resist cuts in pay, unacceptable changes to job roles and a move to twelve and a half hour shifts. Glasgow City Council want to cut up to 7% of the wages of 182 workers, out of a workforce of just over 500, through introducing the new shift pattern. 122 full time workers face a loss of £1495 per year and 60 part timers a loss of £794 per year. This is totally unacceptable.

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Glasgow Education workers force big concessions from Labour council


By Glasgow Unison members. Posted 16th December 2013

Education workers and Unison members in Glasgow have won an important breakthrough in their dispute with the employer after a number of strike days. Hundreds of new members have been recruited to the union as a result. Once again it has been proven that determined and resolute strike action can win significant concessions.

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Glasgow Unison strike builds momentum


By Matt Dobson. Posted 14th Novemeber 2013

Pupil Support Assistants organised by Glasgow City Unison took a third day of industrial action in their dispute with the Labour council over changes to conditions, including being forced to carry out medical duties. Already 1000 workers took strike action across the city on October 31st. This was followed up with a one day strike in schools in the north east of the city last week and today southside schools were staffed with large picket lines.

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Nationalise to defend the shipyards


By Philip Stott. Posted 9th November 2013

Working class communities in Portsmouth, Glasgow and Fife have been dealt a devastating blow by the announcement on Wednesday that 1,775 jobs are to go in the shipbuilding industry. BAE Systems bosses have in one fell swoop axed more than 40% of their workforce. Jobs will also be lost at the company's office near Bristol.

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End the witch hunt of Stevie Deans and Unite


Editorial from the Socialist. The paper of Socialist Party Scotland. Posted 4th November 2013

Sections of the capitalist media and the Tory party leadership have gone into overdrive in their denunciation of the trade union Unite and its former convener at Grangemouth, Stephen Deans. Stephen Deans has been subject to scandalous attacks from the trade union hating press and the Tory and Labour leadership, which Socialist Party Scotland totally condemns.

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“Strike, Strike, give us a fair deal” demand Unison members


By Matt Dobson. Posted 31st October 2013

1000 Pupil Support Assistants (PSA's) organised in Unison took strike action in Glasgow on 31st October. This is in response to the Labour council imposing changes to their already demanding job roles by making them take up duties such as medical support. See here for a report on the background to the strike action.

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Glasgow Unison education workers to strike on Thursday


Posted 29th October 2013

On the 31st October 1000 Unison members in Glasgow City Council’s Schools are beginning a series of industrial action days in response to the City Council imposing changes to their job remit. Unison members across the council are involved in a number of conflicts with the Labour authority and this action on Thursday comes a few weeks after the walkout by social work staff in the council's homelessness service (see picture). We spoke to Brian Smith, branch secretary of Glasgow City Unison about the backdrop to the dispute.

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Trade unions must learn lessons from Grangemouth setback


By Socialist Party Scotland. Posted 25th October 2013

Ineos and billionaire owner Jim Ratcliffe have announced a reversal of the company’s plan to shut the petrochemical plant at Grangemouth. This follows a significant defeat for Unite on workers’ terms and conditions, demanded by the brutal Ineos management as part of their "survival plan". While playing Russian roulette with the lives of thousands of workers, the billionaire Ratcliffe was sailing his £130 million luxury yacht around the Mediterranean. He recently applied to build a £5 million mansion in Hampshire.

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A mass campaign can save Grangemouth


Posted 23rd October 2013

Without a moments thought to the human cost, Ineos bosses today have announced the closure of the petrochemical plant at Grangemouth with the loss of 800 jobs. They intend to put that arm of their business into liquidation meaning workers may face losing thousands of pounds in redundancy payments. The oil refinery and the jobs of another 600 workers remain in jepordy, the result of a lockout by billionaire owner, Jim Ratcliffe. The next hours and days are vital in ensuring the building of a mass campaign to fight to save the Grangemouth plant and retain the jobs and terms and conditions of the workforce.

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Worker’s rally to fight Ineos blackmail


By Philip Stott. Posted 20th October 2013.

The anger and determination of the worker’s at Grangemouth oil refinery and petrochemical plant was evident today at the well-attended rally organised by Unite. Hundreds of union members took part, underlining the determination of workers not to accept the bullying tactics of Ineos and its billionaire owner Jim Ratcliffe.

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