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What is Socialism?

Hundreds queue up to hear the socialist case for independence

350 people attended the ‘socialist case for independence’ meeting in Dundee on 15 April to hear Tommy Sheridan and Socialist Party member, John McInally. One hundred people had to stand as all 240 seats were full 15 minutes before the ...

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10 questions on socialism and the independence referendum

Thursday 18th September is referendum day in Scotland. Discussions are taking place in workplaces, colleges, schools and communities all across the country. The run-up to September will be dominated by debate on how to vote and what might an independent ...

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The Case for Socialism – Why you should join


Posted 3rd October 2013

Socialist Party Scotland has produced a new pamphlet outlining the case for a socialist solution to the unprecedented capitalist crisis that has engulfed the globe since 2007/8. A crisis that has unleashed in its wake unprecedented austerity against working class people. The Case for Socialism argues for the taxing of the rich and big business and public ownersip of the banks and the major corporations that dominate the economy. This could provide the basis for massive investment in jobs, public services and a living wage for all at the same time as guarenteeing an end to all cuts.

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The cuts don’t work – Time for ‘Plan S’ for socialism


By Peter Taaffe. Posted 5th September 2012

The school and college students have returned but it was the angry and loud booing of Cuts-Chancellor George Osborne at the Paralympics that really signals we are in a new season - which has all the potential to be an autumn of struggle. The wheels are beginning to come off the coalition government's caravan. It is besieged on all sides. It faces not just rising discontent from the working class but huge swathes of the middle class are in open revolt, which threatens to engulf the government: "It's not just the poor.

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Bankers bonus scandal: We need socialist nationalisation


By Ronnie Stevenson. Posted 7th February 2012

£950,000 is a hellavu lot of money.  Especially when it comes on top off a salary of £1.2M. For a banker like Mr Stephen Hester, the Chief Executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) it is an obscene amount.  Against the background of families who will not receive anything like that income in their lifetimes and when they are on the sharp end of attacks on wages, pensions and welfare benefits, it is particularly obscene.

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Is Sweden Socialist?

The Rise and Fall of the ‘Swedish Model’ Per Olsson, Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna (CWI in Sweden) Within the left internationally, the question often arises about the politics and economy of the Nordic states, particularly Sweden, and whether these societies represent a ...

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A Rotten System!

World and British economic crisis continues

Peter Taaffe, from Socialism Today, Issue 130, July/August 2009 (monthly journal of the Socialist Party – CWI England and Wales)  

Politics in Britain has been dragged through the gutter with MPs caught ripping off thousands of pounds woth in expenses. As working-class people face job and wage cuts, the whole rotten system has been exposed. As a result, New Labour was hammered in euro and local elections, while the far-right British National Party (BNP) made gains. With a general election due within a year, now more than ever, a new workers’ party is needed.

What are the processes underlying the political situation in Britain today?

“A Brown government could be overwhelmed by an avalanche of the stoked-up discontent of the working class, manifested through trade union struggle… A Brown government could also face a crisis of legitimacy… If he delays too long, he could suffer the fate of the other ‘mid-term’ replacement prime ministers, like Callaghan in 1979…The far-right can make significant gains, particularly with the rise in unemployment clearly taking place and the deterioration of social conditions, especially if a left fighting alternative is not provided”. (The Coronation of Gordon Brown, Socialism Today No.110, June 2007)

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Socialism in the 21st Century

The way forward for anti-capitalism By Hannah Sell Introduction to the January 2006 edition Just six months after the first edition of Socialism in the 21st century was published two million people took to the streets of Britain on 15 ...

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