CPSA to PCS: Fighting the ‘Moderates’ and building a campaigning union

John McInally, PCS national vice-president (personal capacity) Revelations from recently released Cabinet papers in the Morning Star newspaper show the “Moderate” leaders of the Civil and Public Services Association (CPSA) collaborated with the Thatcher government in stopping Militant (forerunner of ...

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Tories announce plans to shut half of Glasgow’s Jobcentres

David Semple, PCS rep, Greater Glasgow branch On Wednesday 7th December, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) announced that 8 of the 16 Jobcentres in Glasgow were being considered for closure. These plans for closures were originally announced in ...

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PCS ballot: Tories renew assault on public sector redundancy protection

David Semple, PCS rep, Greater Glasgow branch “Fair, affordable and sustainable”. The words used by the Con-Dem government in 2010, the last time the Tories drove through cuts to the redundancy terms and protections of low paid civil servants, making ...

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Draconian benefit sanctions requires urgent action from the Scottish Government

Matt Dobson  Benefit sanctions are creating desperate destitution for tens of thousands when their benefits are removed. According to Scottish Government figures there was a 15.4% increase in Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) applied sanctions in Scotland in 2013-14, ...

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Scottish PCS members striking to defeat the pay cap

Fiona Macdonald, PCS Vice President Scottish Government Group (Personal Capacity)  PCS Scottish Government workers took strike action in January as part of a rolling programme of action across the Scottish Sector. We are demanding: Fair pay for all public sector workers ...

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1.5 million strike to demand an end to pay cuts and austerity

By Socialist Party Scotland reporters Public sector workers in nine different unions were out on strike on July 10th in force and in a magnificent show of strength to demand an end to the pay freeze. In England and Wales ...

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PCS members re-elect a fighting socialist leadership

images/stories/janice godrich.jpg

John McInally, PCS national vice-president, personal capacity Socialist Janice Godrich has been elected president of PCS for the 13th time and the Democracy Alliance candidates have been elected to the union’s national executive for a 12th. Socialist Party member Chris ...

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Trade unions and the socialist case for independence


John McInally National vice-president of the Public and Commercial Services Union (in a personal capacity) argues that socialists, particularly those active in the trade union movement, should campaign for a Yes vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum but on the ...

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PCS national strike on Budget Day – 20 March


Posted 21st March 2013

The UK wide PCS strike was hugely supported at offices and workplaces across Scotland. Area after area reported 80%-90% plus support among union members for the action. Some were as high as 100%, with PCS workplaces empty of workers, except a handful of non-union members. Socialist Party Scotland members visited many picket lines across the country, including in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire and Dundee. Reports below

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Young Members’ Voices Heard

Tracy Edwards

PCS has a strong left leadership, including members of the Socialist Party, that challenges the way trade unions act and fight on behalf of their members.

Tracy Edwards, PCS young members' network, personal capacity

This left leadership set up a young members' network in 2004 which has grown in strength and organisation in recent years. This year, more young workers were engaged in main discussions around our conference agenda.