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PCS Conference: Preparing for Future Battles

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In a really excellent conference, the civil service union PCS, under its socialist leadership which was re-elected for the seventh time in succession, mapped out its strategy for the next 12 months.

Bill Mullins

The PCS's 300,000 members face an unprecedented perioad of attacks from the New Labour government. These attacks were outlined by Janice Godrich in her presidential address: "With a public sector deficit of £175 billion, the government is preparing massive attacks on the public sector, with some £15 billion of planned cuts on top of the £15 billion already achieved under 'efficiency' savings". 

Glasgow Care Workers’ Success

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After 21 weeks of strike action, the community service workers in Glasgow have voted to accept an offer from the council to end the dispute. The deal secures an increase in pay for all workers, linked to a transfer to Glasgow Community and Safety Services (GCSS), a council owned company that provides a range of services in the city.

Brian Smith, Glasgow Unison, personal capacity

All workers will be paid a single pay point of £22,811 a year for a 35 hour week from Monday to Friday. There will be no compulsory working at the weekends. Social work management had offered a wage of £18,517 - £20,166.

Social work management also wanted Sunday working as part of the standard working week. The £22,811 won is the second top point of the pay grade that the workers demanded at the beginning of the dispute.

Glasgow Council Street Cleaners Start Workers’ Fightback

IN A bid to make further budget savings, Glasgow city council continues its assault on workers' conditions of employment. The latest group of employees under attack are the 1,200 street cleaners, parks staff and road workers.

Ian Leech, Glasgow City Unison steward

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Vote to Reclaim Unison

Unison members across all services will have the opportunity to alter the direction of the trade union when they vote in the forthcoming National Executive Council elections. The ballot runs from 14th April until the 15th of May  

by Ian Leech, Glasgow Unison member  

A Reclaim the union slate, which includes members of our sister party  the Socialist Party in England and Wales, is fighting to reclaim the union for ordinary members and is contesting most of the seats in these elections. For too long the union has played a pitiful role by defending the interests of the New Labour Government and Labour controlled local authorities before those of the members it represents. A victory will begin to change this. It can also undermine the attempts of the right wing leadership to witchhunt the left from Unison which the Socialist has reported on regularly. 

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Support Glasgow’s 21 Community Service Workers

Glasgow’s twenty-one Community Service workers have been on indefinite strike action since 6th January.  

by Brian Smith 

As they enter their sixteenth week of action they are rock solid. The Council remains intransigent and is still refusing to pay the workers the proper rate for the job under the Council’s own job evaluation scheme. Unison and the strikers are in favour of improving the service and have even suggested ways in which the service could be improved. 

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NUJ strikes at Daily Record and Sunday Mail

NUJ members at the Daily Record and Sunday Mail have been striking against job cuts.   The NUJ have reported that a mass meeting in Glasgow expressed disgust about the way individuals were told they were compulsorily redundant. Union members called ...

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Savage Cuts Face the Public Sector

The crisis in the bosses’ capitalist system will touch every sector of the economy. In the public sector the attacks on jobs, wages and conditions will go hand in hand with cuts in the crucial services provided by these local and central government workers.

The raining in of investment and spending for frontline services will come at a time when the need for those services is increasing.  As unemployment rises so will the fallout associated with poverty and inequality. The demand for social care services, addition services, unemployment support, community centres and projects, benefits advice and low cost food projects will increase as working class families bear the brunt of the failings in the capitalist system.  

by Brian Smith, Glasgow Unison branch secretary (personal capacity)

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Hands Off The Royal Mail

Keep the Post Public protest

No to Royal Mail privatisation

Support No2EU candidates in the June Euro elections

The Postal Services Bill which, if passed, would see the privatisation of one third of Royal Mail now seems to be in real trouble. But it has not been defeated yet. The Hooper report which was released at the end of 2008 claimed Royal Mail does not make enough profits and that its workers are 20% over-paid compared to others in the industry. The most blatant attack is the so called "strategic partnership" or in real words 'privatisation' - where the likes of TNT are waiting in the wings to make a fortune.  

by Gary Clark,  Sub Area Rep Scotland No.2 CWU