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Make 30th November a one-day public sector general strike


Article by Brian Smith - Glasgow City Unison branch secretary (personal capacity) 14th September 2011

In an historic decision the TUC conference has agreed a national coordinated strike - effectively a public sector general strike - for 30th November involving up to 14 public sector unions so far. With ballots for a strike now announced in Unison, Unite, GMB, FBU, the EIS and a number of others, the scene is set for the biggest wave of industrial action since the 1926 general strike. 

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Unison conference backs strike action over pensions


By a Glasgow Unison member 3rd September 2011

The overwhelming mood among Unison members for strike action on pensions was driven home at the Scottish local government Unison conference on Friday 2nd September. A resolution from the Glasgow City Unison branch was overwhelmingly passed which called on the union at a UK level to “move towards industrial action, starting with a one day strike in the Autumn as part of an ongoing, co-ordinated campaign to deliver sustained and effective action."

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The riots: A mass workers’ movement offers an alternative to poverty and cuts

Hackney (photo Paul Mattson)

10th August 2011 Hannah Sell, Socialist Party deputy general secretary

"The scenes of despair and explosions of anger like those of 1981 will be back on our streets. "Deprived areas of major cities - if not the central areas, then the 'banlieus' or outskirts as in France - will be the scene of new conflagrations." This is the warning that the Socialist Party gave just four months ago, in our article on the anniversary of the Brixton riots.

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PCS pensions strike the “strongest ever”


1st July 2011. Written by Socialist Party Scotland reporters

Yesterday’s magnificent strike action by hundreds of thousands of public sector workers across the UK was an inspiration. Although in Scotland only the PCS was taking strike action, their members responded in a way that was unprecedented. A full report of the action in England and Wales involving the PCS and three teacher's unions can be read at http://www.socialistparty.org.uk/articles/12329/30-06-2011/reports-massive-30-june-public-sector-pensions-strike

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Strike to defend pensions on 30th June

images/stories/janice godrich.jpg

John McInally, national vice-president PCS, personal capacity posted 22nd June 2011

The government is attempting to steal £2.8 billion from public sector pensions in Britain. This is a brutal act of class warfare directed against millions of mainly low-paid workers. Attempting to prosecute it is a tiny ruling elite, who despise the public sector and those who deliver the vital services that bind our communities together.

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EIS members call to reclaim our union


Article by Jim Halfpenny - EIS member 19th May 2011

We know that the leadership of the EIS have, for years, worked hand in glove with our employers but we could never have imagined such a betrayal.” This reaction from a classroom teacher in West Dunbartonshire clearly reflects the sense of anger felt by Scottish teachers at the sell out of their pay and conditions.

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Reject attacks on teachers pay and conditions


 Article by Jim Halfpenny EIS member (personal capacity) 9th April 2011

Despite a 98% rejection by EIS members of COSLA’s initial proposals on pay and conditions and an 85% vote for industrial action, the EIS leadership has recommended acceptance of a second offer which is almost identical to the first offer. At a time when billions of pounds have been handed over to the super rich and bankers bonuses are once again on the rise, this so called leadership is recommending:

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After the TUC demo – Build a 24 hour general strike


Article by Philip Stott - March 27th 2011

Come to the Socialist Party Scotland meetings this week

This was a not a wave, neither a stream nor a river, not even a sea. The more than 500,000 who marched against the savage cuts of the Con-Dem government formed an ocean of humanity in London on Saturday. An ocean that has the potential to become a tsunami that can stop the Con-Dem cutters in their tracks and sweep away this rotten government of the millionaires.

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Mass rally of teachers and parents vow to fight cuts


Article by Jim Halfpenny EIS member 21st February 2011

“Let me say clearly to Renfrewshire Council. If you attempt to replace teachers with untrained staff then we will take our children out of school.” These words, by Stephen Wright, Chair of Renfrewshire Parent Council, were met with thunderous acclaim by the 800 parents and teachers packed into Paisley Town Hall and by the 350 people outside listening via loud speakers.

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UNISON leaders defeated over partnership with employers


By a Scottish Unison member 9th February 2011

Just days before councils across Scotland meet to slash hundreds of millions of pounds from public services, the February meeting of Unison Scottish Council was presented with a paper for debate entitled “The Public Sector Workforce Framework”.

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