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Support TUSC – 100% Anti Austerity

Support the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) – 100% Anti Austerity

Cuts politicians lose support in polarised council election campaign

Philip Stott reports (updated on May 8th) The 2017 Scottish council elections – conducted under the Single Transferable Vote proportional representation system – resulted in no party being able to form a majority administration in any of the 32 council ...

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Scottish TUSC conference: Preparing the anti-cuts and socialist challenge for 2017

The Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) conference takes place on Saturday 25th February in Glasgow. Throughout the month of February both the Scottish Government and the overwhelming majority of Scotland’s 32 local authorities have been passing further cuts to ...

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Scottish budget: SNP’s sorry capitulation to austerity continues

Philip Stott reports The Scottish Government’s draft budget for 2017/18, which was unveiled on Thursday, was yet another sorry chapter in the SNP’s capitulation to Tory austerity. Finance secretary Derek MacKay claimed that the budget would deliver “£240 million extra ...

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Scottish TUSC campaign: Building the socialist alternative to austerity

Philip Stott reports The result of the election to the Scottish parliament election on May 5th is not in doubt. According to all opinion polls the Scottish National Party (SNP) look certain to win another overall majority at Holyrood. Labour ...

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Tax the rich not ordinary workers – Take the wealth off the 1%

By Brian Smith, Scottish TUSC candidate Glasgow Cathcart    Scottish TUSC believes that the Scottish Parliament should have the power to tax the profits and unearned wealth of rich corporations and individuals. As it stands the Parliament’s primary tax powers are ...

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Politicians have a choice: Implement Tory austerity or set no-cuts budgets

By Brian Smith and Jim McFarlane, Glasgow City Unison and Dundee City Unison branch secretaries (in a personal capacity) and Socialist Party Scotland   Over the next few weeks, Scottish local authorities will be drawing up budgets that threaten devastating ...

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Reject “Austerity Glasgow” – Labour and SNP must stand up and fight the cuts

Brian Smith - Glasgow Unison branch secretary  The Scottish local government employer’s organisation CoSLA expects a minimum of £500 million in cuts in funding for Scottish councils for 2016/17. CoSLA’s finance spokesman, Labour councillor, Kevin Keenan, said; “Scottish local government ...

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TUSC: Central in the battle for a working class anti-austerity voice

Sarah Wrack, editor of the Socialist - Socialist Party England and Wales “May you live in interesting times” said Dave Nellist, chair of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), in opening its 2015 conference. This old Chinese curse is ...

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