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Commonwealth Games: A sporting spectacle amid chronic poverty

Ronnie Stevenson, Glasgow The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow was a brilliant 11 days of sporting endeavour at the highest level and, unusually, we were able to buy a paper whose sports section was not wall-to-wall football. I wish that would continue. ...

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Hillsborough tragedy – the final chapter

Today is the 25th anniversary of the day when 96 football supporters died at Hillsborough. What followed was a scandalous cover-up by the then Thatcher government and subsequent governments, the police and large sections of the millionaire owned media. Newspapers like the Murdoch ...

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Sochi Winter Olympics – Breaking all records

Sporting excellence, yes…but also corruption, waste, atrocious workers’ conditions and anti-LGBT laws Rob Jones, Moscow The 2014 Winter Olympic Games, held in Sochi, are being watched by millions around the world. Beyond the sporting excellence, however, the event is surrounded ...

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