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The Masses Arise

The Masses Arise  The Socialist Party is taking orders from party branches and book sellers for the new edition of Peter Taaffe’s work on the French Revolution, The Masses Arise: The Great French Revolution 1789-1815. The new edition, which will ...

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The Rise of Militant

rise of militant cover

Socialist Party Scotland trace our political roots back to the launch of the Militant newspaper in 1964. Our ideas, programme and policies were embodied in the work of the Militant, then the Marxist tendency in the Labour Party. Militant grew to become a household name, with thousands of members by the mid 1980’s.
We led mass campaigns, including the momentous Liverpool City Council struggle that mobilised tens of thousands in a mass movement that won major concessions for the city from the then Thatcher government.

Militant provided the leadership for that movement and as a result thousands of new homes were built, as well as schools, community centres. Thousands of jobs were also created as a result. Today, the lessons of the Liverpool struggle should be re-learned by all those workers and communities looking to fight the savage cuts in public spending planned by the new ConDem government.

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Socialism in the 21st Century

The way forward for anti-capitalism By Hannah Sell Introduction to the January 2006 edition Just six months after the first edition of Socialism in the 21st century was published two million people took to the streets of Britain on 15 ...

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