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Yes Scotland: independence referendum campaign launched


By Philip Stott 29th May 2012

The Yes Scotland pro-independence campaign was launched on Friday 25th May in Edinburgh. While Socialist Party Scotland will support a Yes vote for independence in the referendum, it will be critical support. The SNP’s proposals for Scottish independence are completely insufficient based as they are on the maintenance of capitalism and the dictatorship of the profit system that has brought us the biggest economic crisis in 80 years, unprecedented cuts and savage austerity.

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ConDem blundering over independence referendum

By Philip Stott. Posted 12th January 2012

National tensions over the issue of Scottish independence were raised significantly following the blundering intervention of David Cameron and the ConDem coalition this week.The UK Westminster government attempted to force the hand of the SNP Scottish administration into holding a referendum within the next 18 months, rather than SNP First Minister Alex Salmond’s preferred option of late 2014.

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SNP referendum plans published


Fight for a socialist Scotland


The SNP government in Scotland have published their plans for a referendum on Scotland’s future relationship with the rest of the UK. The referendum would take the form of two separate questions.

The first question would ask if the people of Scotland wish the devolved powers of the Scottish parliament to be extended. The second would ask whether the extension of powers should be such as to allow Scotland to move to becoming an independent country.

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SNP tables ‘independence’ referendum bill


SNP, New Labour & Tories - All pro-capitalist parties threaten major cuts in jobs and services

Philip Stott, International Socialists (CWI in Scotland)

The Scottish government is set to table a bill for a referendum on independence on St Andrew’s day, on 30 November. At the recent Scottish National Party (SNP) conference, SNP leader, Alex Salmond (see picture opposite), claimed that any political party that voted to deny the people of Scotland the democratic right to a say on their constitutional future could not survive for long. The SNP also set a target of winning an unprecedented 20 MP’s at the forthcoming Westminster election. This would, according to Alex Salmond, mean that in the event of the SNP’s favoured option of a ‘hung parliament’, Westminster would be forced to, “dance to a Scottish jig.”

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Scotland and the National Question

Statement from the International Socialists, CWI (Scotland)

This statement was written in September 2003 in the aftermath of the May 1st 2003 Scottish elections which saw a severe defeat for the main pro-independence, nationalist party the Scottish National Party. The purpose of this statement is to explain the approach, programme and method of the International Socialists and the Committee for a Workers International on the national question.
In doing so we seek to clarify what we believe to be a principled socialist and Marxist attitude to the national question in Scotland.

The CWI has always adopted a consistent position on the national question. The CWI has historically defended the national rights of the Scottish people. At the same time we have explained that to guarantee those rights and end poverty it is necessary to link the national struggle to the fight for socialism. In this statement, as well as outlining the analysis of the CWI, references will be made to a statement drawn up by the policy coordinator of the Scottish Socialist Party Alan McCombes. This statement entitled “Which way forward towards independence and socialism” proposed the setting up of an Independence Convention. In raising our differences with this proposal we aim to contrast our attitude toward the national question in Scotland to the ideas put forward by the leadership of the SSP.

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A socialist approach to Scottish independence

This article was written on the 6th August 2004 during the SNP leadership election campaign that saw Alex Salmond return as leader of the party. Like a number of articles written at that time this article also raises criticisms of the Scottish Socialist Party leadership's politics on the national question in Scotland. Many of the leading members of the SSP were also part of the Committe for a Workers' International and they left in 2001 after 2 years of debate and discussion over fundamental political differences that had arisen. The documents realting to the Scottish debate can be found at http://www.marxist.net/scotland/index.html. The International Socialists (CWI Scotland) worked as part of the SSP from its launch in 1998 until the split in the socialist movement in Scotland in 2006, since then we have worked to build Solidarity - Scotland's Socialist Movement. 

Salmond stands to return as leader of SNP 

The race for the leadership of the Scottish National Party took a dramatic twist recently when on the day nominations closed former SNP leader Alex Salmond announced he was standing for party convener. Salmond, only a few weeks ago, ruled out a return as party leader by quoting the words of a US Civil War leader General Sherman: “If nominated I’ll decline, if drafted I’ll defer and if elected I’ll resign.” 

Philip Stott, CWI Scotland

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