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Tens of thousands march for a Yes vote in 2014


By Matt Dobson. Posted 23rd September 2013

Over 20,000 supporters of Scottish independence marched through Edinburgh on 21st September. This significant mobilisation was double the attendance at the same Yes Scotland demonstration in September 2012. The large turnout, a year before the independence referendum on the 18th September 2014, again shows that although support for independence still polls as a minority, a growing radicalised layer of workers and young people see a YES vote as an escape route from cuts and austerity.

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The independence referendum – one year to go


By Philip Stott. Posted 18th September 2013

The Scottish independence referendum is taking place one year today on the 18 September 2014. An average of this year’s opinion polls indicates that currently one third of people would vote Yes for independence and around one half would vote No. While there are differences depending on which organisation conducts the poll, the trend over the last none months has been relatively static. PHILLIP STOTT reports on the campaign so far.

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Can the Common Weal deliver or do we need clear socialist policies


By Philip Stott. Posted 7th September 2013

The run-up to the Scottish independence referendum in 2014 has seen the emergence of a debate about the possibility of creating a "new" Scotland. One that rejects the huge inequality and savage austerity that is blighting the lives of millions. The Common Weal Project (CWP) www.scottishcommonweal.org has been launched by the Jimmy Reid Foundation which argues for a "programme for a different sort of social and economic development for Scotland." In this article Socalist Party Scotland outlines some of the differences we have with the CWP and argues for clear socialist policies.

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SNP’s pro-business policies undermines support for independence


By Philip Stott. Posted 29th May 2013

The SNP leadership have unveiled their "economic case" for independence. With only 6% of those polled believing that the Scottish economy would be a "lot better" under independence, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon business friendly policies have so far failed to convince. The new document, Scotland’s Economy: the case for independence, which continues the SNP’s pro business ideology, will struggle to appeal to broad layers of working class people in Scotland.

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Do the Nordic countries offer a model for Scotland ?


Poster 29th May 2013

The run-up to the independence referendum has seen many on the left in Scotland look to the "Nordics" as an example of "fairer" capitalism that an independent Scotland should model itself on. Ronnie Stevenson looks at whether these arguments stand up to scrutiny and puts the alternative case for a socialist Scotland.

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Independence referendum date set for September 2014


By Philip Stott. Posted 27th March 2013

Thursday 18th September 2014 has now been named by the SNP government as the date of the independence referendum. It’s a vote that will take place against the backdrop of unprecedented economic stagnation facing Scottish and British capitalism and deepening austerity.

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Socialist Party Scotland and the independence referendum


By Philip Stott. Posted 2nd December 2012

The fallout from the world economic crisis, which has brought savage austerity for the majority in its wake, is also threatening the possible break-up of states, including Spain, Belgium and Britain. These developments pose important questions for Marxists. In this article we look at the approach that the Socialist Party Scotland is taking towards the 2014 independence referendum in Scotland.

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Radical Independence Conference a missed opportunity


By Matt Dobson. Posted 26th November 2012

Over 700 people attended the Radical Independence Conference (RIC) held in Glasgow on November 24. The large conference turnout highlighted the continuing evident trend of radicalised layers of Scottish society, particularly young people, looking towards independence as a way out of the nightmare of austerity; this was also present in the 10,000 strong YES demonstration in Edinburgh in late September. (see here)

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Thousands march for an independent Scotland


By Matt Dobson and Ryan Stuart. Posted 26th September 2012

Over 10,000 people took part in the March and Rally for Scottish Independence in Edinburgh on the 22 September. It was clear a large element of the turnout were SNP activists and supporters. However the demonstration was also a broad cross-section of Scottish society, with a significant mobilisation of workers, trade unionists and young people also present.

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Better Together pro-union campaign a dead end


Philip Stott 29th June 2012

The launch of the “Better Together” anti-independence campaign this week saw Labour politicians unite with the Con-Dem’s to extol the virtues of the union. Better Together’s birth coincided with UK Prime Minister David “nasty” Cameron’s brutal speech announcing his support for the dismantling of the welfare state with savage attacks on the benefits of the poorest. If anything was designed to undermine the Better Together message this was it.

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