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Rival economic plans add up to more pain for the working class

Step up the socialist campaign for independence The formal campaigning period for the independence referendum, which takes place on September 18, begins today. With sixteen weeks to go both the Scottish and UK governments have produced their supposedly decisive economic cases ...

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Hundreds queue up to hear the socialist case for independence

350 people attended the ‘socialist case for independence’ meeting in Dundee on 15 April to hear Tommy Sheridan and Socialist Party member, John McInally. One hundred people had to stand as all 240 seats were full 15 minutes before the ...

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Capitalist Project Fear failing as support for independence rises

By Philip Stott There is growing fear, horror would not be too strong a word, among the capitalist establishment in Britain at the possibility of a majority Yes vote on 18 September in the Scottish independence referendum. The editorials and ...

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Trade unions and the socialist case for independence


John McInally National vice-president of the Public and Commercial Services Union (in a personal capacity) argues that socialists, particularly those active in the trade union movement, should campaign for a Yes vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum but on the ...

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10 questions on socialism and the independence referendum

Thursday 18th September is referendum day in Scotland. Discussions are taking place in workplaces, colleges, schools and communities all across the country. The run-up to September will be dominated by debate on how to vote and what might an independent ...

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PCS puts opposition to cuts centre stage of independence debate

By Philip Stott The Public and Civil Service Union (PCS) has voted overwhelmingly to put opposition to all cuts at the centre of the debate on the referendum on Scottish independence. As PCS national president Janice Godrich explained, “PCS informs ...

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Independence referendum: “Project Fear” goes into overdrive

The growing conflict over Scottish independence has dramatically escalated following the coordinated intervention by the main pro-union parties who have ruled out an independent Scotland being allowed to form a currency union with the rest of the UK. This choreographed ...

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SNP’s white paper will not deliver decisive change


By Philip Stott. Posted 27th November 2013

The Scottish Government has produced its white paper on Scottish independence. This "blueprint for a better Scotland", as described by the SNP’s first minister Alex Salmond, is a prospectus for a continuation of the profit-driven system of capitalism that will fail to deliver an end to austerity. Only through clear socialist policies, widespread public ownership and a war against poverty and low pay can a way to a better, socialist Scotland be found.   

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Tens of thousands march for a Yes vote in 2014


By Matt Dobson. Posted 23rd September 2013

Over 20,000 supporters of Scottish independence marched through Edinburgh on 21st September. This significant mobilisation was double the attendance at the same Yes Scotland demonstration in September 2012. The large turnout, a year before the independence referendum on the 18th September 2014, again shows that although support for independence still polls as a minority, a growing radicalised layer of workers and young people see a YES vote as an escape route from cuts and austerity.

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The independence referendum – one year to go


By Philip Stott. Posted 18th September 2013

The Scottish independence referendum is taking place one year today on the 18 September 2014. An average of this year’s opinion polls indicates that currently one third of people would vote Yes for independence and around one half would vote No. While there are differences depending on which organisation conducts the poll, the trend over the last none months has been relatively static. PHILLIP STOTT reports on the campaign so far.

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