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Launch a new mass working class party now

Socialist Party Scotland  If the “strategists” of British capitalism believed that the narrow No vote in the independence referendum would allow politics to return to “normal”, this illusion has been shattered by the events of the last 48 hours. A ...

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1.6 million vote Yes in a working class revolt against austerity

By Philip Stott  In the teeth of a ferocious campaign from the British capitalist establishment the independence campaign in Scotland won the support of more than 1.6 million people, overwhelmingly from the working class, securing 45%. No won with 55%. ...

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Thousands mobilise to oppose Project Terror in Scotland

By Matt Dobson  Project Terror – the unprecedented campaign of fear against Scottish independence by big business, the media and the capitalist political establishment – has produced a fight back. Ordinary working class people are increasingly taking the campaign for a ...

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Defeat Project Terror with socialist policies

By Philip Stott  The possibility of a majority ‘Yes’ vote for Scottish independence has produced panic and trepidation among the British capitalist establishment and their counterparts internationally. Polls which now say the referendum outcome is neck-and-neck have led, in the ...

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10 days that can shake British capitalism to its foundations

 By Philip Stott   “In the past four weeks support for the union has drained away at an astonishing rate. The Yes campaign has not just invaded No territory; it has launched a blitzkrieg.” Peter Kellner – YouGov For the first ...

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Big swing to Yes leaves referendum vote on a knife edge

By Matt Dobson  In the final campaign fortnight, the polls for the Scottish independence referendum are tightening, with support for independence increasing to its highest level yet. A September 1 YouGov poll, excluding undecided voters, shows support for independence shooting up by eight points in a month to ...

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Vote Yes, but strike against the cuts and austerity

Jamie Cocozza, Socialist Party Scotland, Glasgow The backdrop to the referendum on 18 September is one of unprecedented cuts and savage austerity. In one year alone, from April 2012 to April 2013, the numbers living in poverty in Scotland rose by ...

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Socialist policies are needed to answer Project Fear

 Editorial from the latest issue of the Socialist September 18 will see an unprecedented mobilisation to the polls for the referendum on Scottish independence. An estimated 75-80% of the 4.1 million people entitled to vote are likely to take part. ...

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Fear of a Yes majority forces concessions from Project Fear


By Philip Stott The independence referendum campaign in Scotland is approaching its concluding two months with opinion polls still showing a lead for the No side. The “poll of polls” as of the end of June has No at 57% ...

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