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Catalonia: Spanish state repression as independence referendum approaches

Statement from Esquerra Revolucionària (Revolutionary Left) On the 11th September one million people spilled onto the streets of Barcelona shouting loud and clear their intention to vote during the 1st October referendum, making it clear that they were not going ...

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Indyref 2: SNP fire the starting gun but offer no solutions to austerity

By Philip Stott  The Scottish parliament will vote next week in favour of triggering a second independence referendum. With a pro-independence majority in the parliament among MSPs the vote is a formality. The exact timing of the referendum is not ...

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SNP launch independence “conversation” while defending big business interests

By Philip Stott  The Scottish National Party (SNP) have launched a “new conversation” on independence, two months after the Brexit vote that in the words of Nicola Sturgeon “put a second referendum on the table”. Scotland’s first minister unveiled the ...

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After Brexit: SNP hesitate on indyref 2

Matt Dobson reports The 62% to 38% vote for Scotland to remain in the EU led to First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon to immediately declare that another independence referendum was “on the table”. While a second independence referendum ...

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Scotland’s post-referendum political earthquake will not be its last

By Philip Stott and first printed in the Socialism Today magazine The political landscape in Scotland has undergone seismic changes since the independence referendum of September 2014. The stunning collapse of the Labour Party has been one of the most ...

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Scotland: One year after the electoral uprising against austerity

Philip Stott One year ago today, the Scottish independence referendum delivered what Socialist Party Scotland described as an “electoral uprising against austerity and the political establishment.” 1.6 million, overwhelmingly working-class, people voted Yes on September 18 2014 in the teeth ...

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Why Tommy is wrong to call for a vote for the SNP in May

Philip Stott Socialist Party Scotland EC  Leading socialist Tommy Sheridan has released a video and made various public statements urging those who voted Yes in the independence referendum in September 2014 to “lend” their vote to the SNP for the 2015 ...

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More powers for Scotland, but they don’t go far enough

Philip Stott  Significant new powers over tax and benefits are to be devolved to Scotland following the report of the Smith commission. In a desperate attempt to avoid defeat in the independence referendum in September, the main pro-union parties offered ...

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An open letter to members of the SNP: No more cuts – Let’s build a mass movement to defeat austerity


Socialist Party Scotland  1.6 million of us voted Yes in defiance of everything Project Fear could throw at us. We showed that we could stand up to the political establishment, the bosses, the bankers and the billionaire-owned media. From Dundee ...

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