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Tony Benn: steadfast in speaking out for socialism

By Peter Taaffe, general secretary Socialist Party England and Wales In one week, the labour movement has suffered two big blows with the deaths of trade union left leader Bob Crow and now of Tony Benn. Bob Crow’s death came ...

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South Africa: Workers and Socialist Party launch election list

Workers and Socialist Party   The Workers and Socialist Party (WASP) has registered for the elections to the national assembly and for the provincial legislatures of North West, Limpopo and Gauteng. The national candidate list was made public at a ...

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International Women’s Day 2014

The Impact of Cuts on Women By Nicola Crawford, Glasgow  It’s triple jeopardy for women living with the impact of the Tory cuts. To date almost £15 billion worth of cuts per year have been made to benefits, tax credits, ...

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PCS puts opposition to cuts centre stage of independence debate

By Philip Stott The Public and Civil Service Union (PCS) has voted overwhelmingly to put opposition to all cuts at the centre of the debate on the referendum on Scottish independence. As PCS national president Janice Godrich explained, “PCS informs ...

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Glasgow care workers escalate action

By Glasgow Unison Reporter The Glasgow care workers strike action is growing stronger and more solid. After taking two 48-hour strikes in January the around 400 Unison members involved have now just completed a 72-hour strike over the Valentine’s weekend. ...

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Bedroom Tax defeated in Scotland


By Philip Stott. Posted 5th February 2014. 

Today's vote in the Scottish parliament has confirmed that no tenant in Scotland will have to pay the Bedroom Tax from 1st April 2014. The Scottish government have at last, albeit almost a year after the introduction of the hated Tax, ensured the money will be available to cover every tenant's Bedroom Tax in Scotland. This is a huge victory for the campaign.

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95 years on: Red Clydeside and The Battle of George Square

Tanks in George Square in 1919

An extract from the pamphlet Red Flag Over the Clyde written by Jim Cameron and produced by Scottish Militant Labour (forerunner of Socialist Party Scotland) in 1994 Posted 31st January 2014. 

"It is a misnomer to call the situation in Glasgow a Strike - this is a Bolshevist uprising." These were the words of the Secretary of State for Scotland to describe what was happening in Glasgow at the beginning of 1919 and in particular, what came to be known as the "Battle of George Square". (see picture opposite of tanks in George Square)

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Poll Tax: When a mass rebellion defeated Thatcher


By Ronnie Stevenson, then secretary Mount Florida Anti-Poll Tax Union, Glasgow. Posted 15th April 2013

She was dubbed the Iron Lady, a description she wore with pride as she ruthlessly tried to solve the difficulties British capitalism found itself in by launching brutal attack after attack on the working class. However she was not invincible as Liverpool City Council and the All-Britain Anti-Poll Tax Federation demonstrated. Some common themes unite these two struggles – a clear set of demands, a clear strategy to achieve them and the involvement of the mass of working class people in active defiance. The role of Militant, the forerunner of the Socialist Party, was crucial in these important victories over Thatcher.

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