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Gaza outrage: Mass action needed to end the slaughter and blockade

Judy Beishon, from The Socialist (weekly newspaper of the Socialist Party – CWI England & Wales) The trapped, blockaded 1.8 million people in the Gaza strip have been viciously bombarded from air, sea and land. The ferocity of the war ...

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1.5 million strike to demand an end to pay cuts and austerity

By Socialist Party Scotland reporters Public sector workers in nine different unions were out on strike on July 10th in force and in a magnificent show of strength to demand an end to the pay freeze. In England and Wales ...

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Gaza bombardment as Netanyahu government fuels wave of protest

Israel-Palestine Extracts and updates from a series of articles on the website of Socialist Struggle Movement, the Israel-Palestine section of the CWI. As this article is published the Israeli government has launched another series of air strikes and bombardments on ...

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Fear of a Yes majority forces concessions from Project Fear


By Philip Stott The independence referendum campaign in Scotland is approaching its concluding two months with opinion polls still showing a lead for the No side. The “poll of polls” as of the end of June has No at 57% ...

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Scotland: Trade unions must adopt a fighting policy to defeat the cuts

Brian Smith – Glasgow City Unison branch secretary (personal capacity) Since 2009 there has been a 25% real terms cut in Scottish local government spending. Nearly 40,000 council jobs in Scotland have been lost since the start of the ConDems ...

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Book Review: Capital in the Twenty-First Century – by Thomas Piketty

Hannah Sell, Socialist Party England and Wales The poorest fifth of Britain’s households are among the most economically deprived in Western Europe with living standards on a par with Slovenia and the Czech Republic. Meanwhile, the richest 1% in the ...

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Iraq: Oil war’s bloody legacy

By Judy Beishon At the time of Bush and Blair’s catastrophic and criminal invasion of Iraq in 2003, the Socialist Party and Committee for a Workers’ International warned it could lead to the break-up of Iraq and terrible sectarian war that ...

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