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Capitalism is destroying the planet – Socialist change not climate change

Pete Dickenson, Socialist Party England and Wales As protests and demonstrations take place around the world this week-end, to tell the representatives at the Paris COP21 Summit to save the planet, we re-publish this article carried in the Socialist, paper of ...

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Greens lack any real answers to capitalism and cuts

Claire Laker-Mansfield  Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party in England and Wales, has had a difficult time lately. The ‘excruciating’ performance she gave when interviewed about housing policy on LBC radio will surely have resulted in many sleepless nights. ...

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Book review: Environmental disaster and the need to change everything

Bill Hopwood, from the November 2014 edition of Socialism Today Naomi Klein’s latest book is a search for radical responses to the existential threat from climate change. In it, she identifies capitalism as the cause of the crisis. While not ...

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Fracking, big oil and the environment

by Sean Robertson Socialist Party Scotland – Inverness.  In Middle America a woman turns on her kitchen tap. Flames shoot out of the faucet, singeing her eyebrows. The ground shakes and a massive hole opens up in the street. No it’s ...

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Floods chaos: End cuts now!

Editorial from the Socialist issue 799 The misery continues. As we go to press there are still 118 flood warnings and 166 flood alerts. Four people have died. Thousands of houses and properties are under water. Sinkholes also pose a ...

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Profit-fuelled global warming

To develop a carbon-neutral global economy, economic and political power must be taken out of the hands of the ‘noxious 90’ Manny Thain, first published in Socialism Today (Issue 174 Jan/Dec 2013/14) Predictably, empty words were all that came out of the ...

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Japan: Earthquake leaves devastation and nuclear threat


From reporters in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, from chinaworker.info 15th March 2011

The massive earthquake that struck north-eastern Japan on Friday 11 March and ensuing destruction caused by one of the most powerful tsunamis ever witnessed was the “worst crisis since 1945” according to Prime Minister, Naoto Kan. Capitalist governments always try to exploit for their own political reasons the spontaneous mood for unity in the face of disaster.

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Climate change is a ‘gigantic market failure’


While the capitalist world leaders argue about figures in Copenhagen, climate change is already affecting billions of lives across the world.

As with the banking meltdown, ordinary people are being made to pay for a crisis caused by the capitalist system and by the bosses' greed. From those suffering from crop failures in the developing world to the victims of flooding in Britain, it is mainly working class and poor people who are paying for this crisis.

Tom Baldwin

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