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Justice and truth demanded after the death of Sheku Bayoh

Sean Robertson reports. Fears have been voiced of a cover up by Police Scotland by the family of an unarmed black man, Sheku Bayoh, who was detained by nine police officers and later died in custody. The 31-year-old father-of-two lost ...

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From Ferguson to Staten Island: An Uprising Against Police Violence

Eljeer Hawkins, Socialist Alternative A Staten Island, New York, grand jury announced last week that it will not indict police officer Daniel Pantaleo for the illegal chokehold death of father of six and Staten Island resident, Eric Garner. This stunning ...

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Ferguson: Indict the killer of Michael Brown and spread the protests

  Socialist Alternative (CWI in the US) Text of a leaflet handed out by Socialist Alternative members in Ferguson and St. Louis The scenes in Ferguson have gripped the national spotlight and gathered massive international attention. In the richest, most powerful ...

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Dundee says No Pasaran to the SDL


Reports from Jim McFarlane and Matt Dobson 2nd September 2012

The far right racist Scottish Defence League were sent packing from Dundee on 1st September. After months of hype from the SDL that they were coming to Dundee in big numbers along with their cohorts of the English Defence League & North West Infidels, they totalled a sorry mob of around 40. They were seen off after about 45 minutes from their tiny static protest outside the back of a shopping centre.

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SDL not wanted in Dundee


Posted 27th August 2012

On September 1st, the Scottish Defence League plan to hold a protest in Dundee. The SDL have warned the people of Dundee to “be ready”. This message must be taken seriously. They must be met with a massive demonstration on September 1st to oppose their racist message. Alongside trade unionists and local communities Youth Fight For Jobs and Youth against Racism in Europe members will do everything they can to build for the Dundee Together event on the day. We will do this through campaigning in our schools, colleges, workplaces and communities.

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SDL humiliated again in Edinburgh


By Jimmy Haddow - posted 14th September 2011

The Scottish Defence League sufered another defeat when they were unable to march or hold a static rally in Edinburgh on Saturday 10th October. The Scottish Defence League had planned to have a Rally and March from the American Embassy to the east end of Princes Street in Edinburgh. But Edinburgh Council banned the SDL from holding the march.  So the SDL, decided to have a static protest instead. Edinburgh United Against Racism and Unite Against Fascism held a counter demo.

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Racists humiliated in Edinburgh


The attempts by the Scottish Defence League to carry out a major show of strength in Edinburgh on Saturday ended in farce and humiliation for the fascists and racists.

More than 300 anti –fascists, many organised through the Edinburgh anti-fascist alliance, and including members of the International Socialists and the Youth Fight for Jobs campaign, went to the Royal Mile where the SDL were holed up in a pub, a few yards from the Scottish parliament.

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Racists defeated in Glasgow

Thousands march against racism and fascism

Over 3,000 anti-racist protesters achieved their stated aim of keeping the far right-wing Scottish Defence League (SDL) from marching in Glasgow on 14 November. Aamer Anwar, one of the main organisers of the counter protest, described the day as " a victory over racism, fascism and the Scottish Defence League". An important factor in the size of the counter protest was the creation of a broad coalition of trade unions, socialists, anti-racists and anti-fascist groups brought together under the banner of Scotland United.

Brian Smith - Glasgow

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BNP’s Nick Griffin prevented from speaking at Belgian university

Violent attack on socialist student meeting

Geert Cool, LSP/PSL (CWI in Belgium)

Tensions have grown in the past few weeks at Antwerp University. The good response to a campaign by socialists students, combined with a growing frustration amongst layers of the far right have led to a violent confrontation.

The Active Left Students (student organisation linked to the LSP/PSL – CWI in Belgium) have organised highly successful meetings all around the country. The main subject for these meetings was, “Capitalism in crisis. Marx was right”. In 9 universities, a total over 300 students participated in these meetings, an indication of the possibilities that exist for Marxists today.

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Call for unity to Defeat BNP


Press release from No2EU
No2EU :Yes to Democracy coalition convener Bob Crow has called for urgent discussions involving socialist organisations, campaigns and trade unions to build a concerted response following the election of two fascists from the BNP to the European Parliament.
 It issued this press release today:
No2EU was the first progressive EU-critical coalition to stand in Britain in any election and it gained 153,236 votes despite an almost complete media blackout.