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Bedroom Tax

Bedroom Tax defeated in Scotland


By Philip Stott. Posted 5th February 2014. 

Today's vote in the Scottish parliament has confirmed that no tenant in Scotland will have to pay the Bedroom Tax from 1st April 2014. The Scottish government have at last, albeit almost a year after the introduction of the hated Tax, ensured the money will be available to cover every tenant's Bedroom Tax in Scotland. This is a huge victory for the campaign.

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Federation conference: Beating the Bedroom Tax


By Philip Stott. Posted 8th October 2013 

"The bedroom tax is now a dead tax walking" commented Tommy Sheridan, the chair of the Scottish Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation in opening Saturday’s conference. Over 120 delegates from 25 local campaigns and trade unions attended the second Fed conference of 2013. The overwhelming feeling at the conference was one of confidence that the bedroom tax could be defeated.

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Yellow Tories told to scrap the bedroom tax


By Matt Dobson. Posted 16th September 2013

Around two hundred campaigners attended the protest of the Liberal Democrat Conference called by the Scottish Anti Bedroom Tax Federation in Glasgow on Saturday. Protestors basked in the glorious early autumn sunshine enjoying music provided by the Dislabelled group before an uplifting rally got underway that strongly reflected recent victories for the Federation that have left this hated benefit cut hanging by a thread in Scotland.

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Finish off the Bedroom Tax


By Philip Stott. Posted 13th September 2013

The Bedroom Tax is close to death. Non-payment levels are soaring in Scotland with an estimated £25 million – half of the £50 million due - likely to be unpaid this year. Hated and reviled by those it is impoverishing; the Trade Unions, Councils, Housing Associations, the Scottish government and now even a United Nations representative has called on the Westminster government to scrap it.

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Bedroom Tax non-payment levels soar


By Matt Dobson. Posted 9th July 2013

Tory minister Ian Duncan Smith has brazenly claimed his Bedroom Tax (a housing benefit cut for under occupancy of "spare bedrooms") is a success. But the majority of Scottish councils have reported a significant increase in rent arrears since the cuts to housing benefit began in April. A CoSLA (the Scottish local authority umbrella body) survey shows debts increasing in the month of April by £2 million on 2012.

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Thousands attend anti-bedroom tax protest in Glasgow


By Matt Dobson. Posted June 3rd 2013

Over 2,000 poeple attended the anti - bedroom tax rally in Glasgow’s George Square on June 1 called by the Scottish Anti Bedroom Tax Federation. The mobilisation, only a few weeks since the national conference at which the federation was founded, showed the growing activist base and national reach of the campaign. Banners were visible from many housing schemes in Glasgow and across the West of Scotland but also from the Highlands, Dundee, Perth, Stranraer, Ayrshire, Edinburgh as well as from trade union branches.

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We can beat the Bedroom Tax


By Philip Stott from a four page pull-out in the new issue of the Socialist. Posted 29th May 2013.

I’ve cut back on every little thing I have. I’m eating one meal a day and not putting the heating on, all so I can pay this tax. £12 a week is everything when you can only afford £30 a fortnight on shopping before paying the bedroom tax.” The introduction of the hated ConDem bedroom tax has been met with a whirlwind of opposition and anger. Thousands of people have attended public meetings, marched on demonstrations and protested to politicians and social landlords demanding the scrapping of the bedroom tax.

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End this rotten bedroom tax – Come to the demo June 1st Glasgow


Posted 13th June 2013.

On Sunday 12 May the Sunday People broke the tragic story of the suicide of a 53 year old woman, Stephanie Bottrill, who killed herself because of the bedroom tax. In a letter to her son she explained what had pushed her over the edge: "Don't blame yourself for me ending my life. The only people to blame are the government."

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Scottish Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation launched


By Nicola Crawford and Jim McFarlane. Posted 28th April 2013

Saturday 27th April saw over 250 delegates and visitors from across the length and breadth of Scotland attend the conference to found the 'All Scottish Anti Bedroom Tax Federation'. Delegates represented 70 local anti-bedroom tax campaigns. Also sending delegates were four trade union branches representing local government and Housing Association workers.

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Thousands march to bin the bedroom tax


Mass opposition to the bedroom tax is growing by the day. Anti-bedroom tax protests attracted thousands of people in Glasgow and Edinburgh this weekend – reflecting the mass opposition to the hated ConDem policy. We carry reports from both demonstrations.  They came in their thousands to Glasgow Green, the place that 24 years earlier had witnessed a human avalanche of protest amid the arrival of the mass non-payment campaign that defeated the poll tax. Saturday March 30 2013, a different tax, a different Tory government, but again the working class was going to have it's say.

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