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Defend Robert O’ Donnell – Solidarity needed for sacked Unison rep in Glasgow

Matt Dobson reports from Glasgow.

Unison rep Robert O’ Donnell has been sacked by the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) management. Robert has twelve years of service with the SECC during which time he has never been the subject of a complaint, investigation or disciplinary action. Robert, a gardener, was unfairly sacked by the SECC management on 25 May. He was dismissed following an alleged unwitnessed incident with his supervisor.

Glasgow City Unison is mounting a campaign to defend Robert.  

Scott Donohoe, UNISON Branch Officer, said:

UNISON is totally convinced that this was a trumped up charge and that the dismissal relates to Robert’s role as a trade union activist. Over recent years the SECC, which is 91% owned by Glasgow City Council, has refused to recognise trade unions for collective bargaining purposes and has been hostile to trade union recruitment activities”

Robert, who spoke at a recent rally organised by Glasgow City Unison alongside striking Glasgow Homeless Caseworkers and Dundee Ninewells Porters, said The Tories’ proposed anti-union laws will allow employers to mistreat their workforce and undermine their basic rights. Since I became a rep managements attitude has hardened towards me. SECC management have refused to establish a health and safety committee and refuse union recognition. We need to stand together and offer each other solidarity” 

With this victimisation of a trade union activist, Glasgow Labour council and the SECC management are once again showing their anti – trade union attitude. An SNP councillor also sits on the SECC board and is refusing to intervene to defend Robert. Unison local and national delegate conferences, ironically, are taking place at the SECC over the coming week. Unison nationally needs to throw its weight behind the campaign and protest the anti union SECC management.


Sign the online petition to defend Robert O Donnell


Please send emails of protest to:

Peter Duthie, SECC Chief Executive

Cllr Gordon Matheson, Leader Glasgow City Council gordon.matheson@councillors.glasgow.gov.uk

Annemarie O’Donnell, Glasgow City Council Chief Executive Annemarie.O’Donnell@glasgow.gov.uk

Cllr Graeme Hendry, SECC Board Member graeme.hendry@councillors.glasgow.gov.uk

Send Messages of support and solidarity to Glasgow City Unison