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Socialist Alternative marching in Seattle

Young and want to get organised ? Join Generation Fightback

Matt Dobson Socialist Party Scotland EC

A generation has been politicised in Scotland. Thousands have taken part in mass mobilisations on the streets for a Yes vote.

Polls show majorities, 71% of 16-17 year olds and 59% of 25 -39 year olds voting Yes. We voted Yes to try and change things to escape from poverty, inequality, austerity cuts and a rotten political establishment.

Although there was a No vote, young people everywhere are politicised.

This is not suprising . What are the options in the society around us? get a low paid job, get into debt studying?, struggle on benefits?

Why is it a constant battle to get enough wages to live on or to get affordable housing. Society is being run, not in the interest of the majority but to make huge profits for the few. We are exploited when we work, ripped off when we learn, and are disenfranchised from politics.

This was the message that filled Glasgow’s George Square and other cities across the country when we came out on the streets.

We followed the example of young people, workers and the poor who have risen up in Spain, Greece, Egypt and other countries.

£10 an hour now!

The bosses are making billions and paying us pennies. We want a living wage that is enough to afford the basics of life. Trade Unions, including the bakers union and the TUC, organisations which bring workers together are also fighting for £10 an hour.

In the US in the city of Seattle, workers through a mass campaign led by Socialist Alternative council member Kshama Sawant have won $15 an hour. This shows that through a mass campaign we can win this.

Votes at 16 now!

The politicians and the media like to say that young people are not interested in politics but the majority of 16-17 year olds in Scotland, voted in the Independence referendum, and thousands took part in political campaigning. We saw the referendum as a chance to change the conditions in which we live.

As it stands 16-17 year olds will not be able to vote in an election, Westminster 2015, which will have a dramatic impact on our lives.

A government will be elected that will no doubt carry out massive attacks on young people, with all the main Westminster parties agreed on policies like cutting benefits for under 25’s.

It seems politicians from the main parties are only interested in young people having a political voice when it makes them look good.

We have to build a mass campaign in schools, colleges and communities linking up with workers and trade unions to force the Westminster and Scottish government to reextend the vote.

We also need to organise to change society. We live under a system, capitalism which is profit system based on class division, inequality, war and poverty. Young people and the working class suffer austerity – basically payment for the economic crisis caused by the bosses.

There is an alternative, socialism a system run for the billions not the billionaires. Generation Fightback is a new socialist youth campaign that you can get involved with, join and be active in fighting for your rights.

Join Generation Fightback today. generation.fightback@gmail.com Facebook: Generation Fightback. Call 07927 342 060 today.