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SDL not wanted in Dundee

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Posted 27th August 2012

On September 1st, the Scottish Defence League plan to hold a protest in Dundee. The SDL have warned the people of Dundee to “be ready”. This message must be taken seriously. They must be met with a massive demonstration on September 1st to oppose their racist message. Alongside trade unionists and local communities Youth Fight For Jobs and Youth against Racism in Europe members will do everything they can to build for the Dundee Together event on the day. We will do this through campaigning in our schools, colleges, workplaces and communities.

While the SDL claim they are only standing up to “Islamic extremism”, this is simply not true. The SDL are a racist organisation who – along with their English counterparts-have attacked ordinary Muslims, socialist groups and trade unionists taking strike action against attacks on their pensions and conditions.

Youth Fight for Jobs and Youth against Racism in Europe are 100% opposed to the SDL marching or protesting in this city. They are a thuggish, violent organisation who seeks to divide working class people along ethnic and religious lines.

At a time when the government and local councils are viciously attacking our jobs, wages, education and public services, working class people must be united to fight against cuts.

While it is vitally important for workers and young people to fight and actively campaign against racism wherever we can, it is also important to fight against the factors that lead to racism in the first place.

Cuts to jobs and public services, as well as high unemployment and lack of decent affordable housing are all factors that lead to groups like the SDL gaining support.

That is why the fight against racism and racist organisations has to be linked to the struggle against cuts and austerity being pushed by all the major political parties.

The police put a proposal to the council that the SDL should be allowed one-half of the city square, with the Dundee Together, anti-SDL campaign, the other half. This was opposed by the councillors after pressure from local trade unionists and anti-racist campaigners.

This important victory should be followed by a major mobilisation of trade unionists and local people on September 1st to keep racism and the SDL out of Dundee.

The Dundee Together against racism and fascism event will be taking place in Dundee City Square from 10.30am